Your Guide To Being Successful On Premium.Chat And Getting More People To Chat With You

Guide to Success and more chats on Premium.Chat

You’ve got a great concept for making money with chat, and you’ve created your Premium.Chat account. So, what comes next? The key to success is building a big audience – it’s about promoting your chat to as many people as possible! As a chat billing platform, Premium.Chat is a vehicle that can help you get paid to chat. Your marketing magic is what’s going to spring-board your online chat career, and tactically, you need to approach this just like any brand or business.

This means creating a polished online presence, and posting and sharing on social media consistently. It means keeping your chat links up on your profile at all times, so your clients can come to rely on you. Ultimately, great marketing means developing a habitual routine of keeping yourself in the conciousness of your audience. This does require some time investment, but there are also great online tools available that can help you automate and streamline the process! Here, we will explore a bullet-proof action plan to help you kick-start your new enterprize.


Your Premium.Chat profile description is going to become one of your most powerful marketing assets. For making money with chat, it’s going to be key in sealing the deal whenever a new client discovers you! As you write it, try to put yourself in the shoes of future readers, and consider the perspective of the person who will pay to chat with you. You need to give them a reason to choose you by highlighting all the value in what you offer. Fill out your profile completely, and paint a great picture of why chatting with you is a worthy investment. If you’re not sure about your writing skills, use a grammar checker like Grammarly to give your profile a professional edge!


Don’t make the mistake of sticking with the standard generic image that is generated when you create your Premium.Chat account. As human beings, we are all highly visual, so an attractive and memorable profile image will hold more sway than you might imagine! Try to set the tone for the chat service you offer, and create an image that looks really professional. People want to see style and character, but also approachability. Don’t limit your success with a sloppy choice of image – show yourself at your best, and get paid to chat!


With Premium.Chat, you can create as many different topic offerings as you want to. This is a great opportunity to be specific about your skills, and help clients imagine how you can help them. So, each one should be an intersection of what you’re good at, and what people want! Your topics should reflect your special knowledge, expertise, or capacity to give advice. Don’t be vague – dial in exactly what your audience can pay you to chat about, so they know exactly what to expect. Making money with chat is all about stimulating people’s imagination, so they can identify why they need your service!


video call and chat widgets

Research suggests that both text based chat and video chat offer great appeal, so if you are comfortable with video chat, why not give your audience both options? Adding multiple chat widgets, not only reflecting all of your topic options, but also the two different formats, can help you attract more clients, and get paid to chat more often. Video chat is growing in popularity every day, and you can often charge more for it!


Social media today is a marketing dream. It can serve as a powerful and free marketing tool, to help you on your climb to the top! To harness this resource, you need to promote your profile on as many social media accounts as you have. We suggest creating new ones on any that you don’t already have. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can all help you reach different areas of your potential audience. When it comes to making money with chat, it really is the more the merrier!

Make sure to send out social media posts regularly. Don’t just sit back and do it once if you want to get paid to chat! To get high-tech about it, you can use a scheduling tool for your social media posts. We love the One Up app, but there are plenty out there! If you want to really master social media marketing, check out Neil Patel’s in-depth guide on the subject, or even sign up for an affordable course on Udemy!


hashtag tool

Hashtags are a great way to get new people to stumble across you on a regular basis. So, don’t drop the ball on using hashtags like #premiumchat, and hashtags to match the topics you chat about! For example, if you’re offering dating advice you should use dating related hashtags like #datingadvice. To discover what people are searching for and following, use tools like Keyword Tool and Google Trends, and start making money with chat more effectively!


If you feel even more ambitious, building a website is easy to do these days. Having your own website can really ramp things up in terms of creating a professional impression! Thankfully, owning a website is becoming really afordable, and web development companies like Wix (perfect for beginners – build a website in as little as 10 minutes) or WordPress (for beginners, and more advanced users) make creating a new website ultra convenient. Thanks to their user-friendly tools, free templates, and inexpensive services, you can get a new website up and running fast. You can create a really enticing presentation, and embed your chat widgets right on your own website!

You can also set yourself up for email subscription. If visitors to your site sign up for your marketing, you can keep them up to date on what you’re up to by dropping your message right into their inbox! A fantastic tool like Mailchimp can help you create really visual email templates, and automate some of your marketing even further. What’s more: Mailchimp’s starter set up is free!

Fundamentally, mastering how to get paid to chat means building your own brand, so tune into how your favorite brands grab and hold your attention. Develop a signature marketing style, with a unique voice, an inviting color scheme, and more! Always see your marketing from the client’s perspective, and you’ll be making money with chat before you know it!

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