Premium.Chat acquires and quickly expands the market for Paid Chat

The number of users offering Premium Chat services continues to accelerate as Premium.Chat furthers it’s marketing efforts, and partners with influencers to grow its brand, and online presence. This domain acquisition will help accelerate that push to educate, and onboard more people that utilize our technology.

June 17, 2020, Greenvale, New York – Premium.Chat announced today that is has purchased the domain name previously used by Breaker Messenger to further expand Premium.Chat’s leading presence in the Paid Chat Market.

After launching it’s beta in July 2019, Premium.Chat has quickly become a leader in the paid chat billing sector. It’s chat billing platform supports a wide variety of users including social media influencers, coaches, consultants, experts and many others who offer a wide range of paid chat services on thousands of topics. With it’s acquisition of it plans to increase access to some of the best paid chat providers that the market offers.

Breaker was once a leading messenger platform, and destination that mixed content discovery, and one on one chat. It was featured in GigaOM and popular on Product Hunt. It’s technology, and team were acquired by LifeLock on May 26, 2016.

Premium.Chat is built around a secure web-based pay per minute messaging platform that monetizes chat, which historically has been a free service. The company recently was given a significant trademark status for the word “Premium Chat” to match it’s branding, to further create tipping points among the growing user base. As founder, Michael Szerencsy, explains, our goal is not only to provide the best user experience on our platform, but to give our users who offer Premium Chat more exposure to new customer acquisition, and repeat business. This will ultimately help them make even more money using our technology.

Szerencsy believes that our innovative easy to use, out of the box solution is one of the key’s to Premium.Chat’s growth thus far. We are staying focused on our core strengths and our marketing prowess we developed from being involved in the Pay Per Call industry.

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For immediate release: June 17, 2020

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