Reports – Statuses

Premium.Chat provides you with statuses on each chat request on your reports page for maximum transparency:

Completed – The chat request was accepted, and successfully completed.

Missed – A chat request was sent to you, and the chat request was not accepted within the alloted time (5 minutes is the default setting for acceptance time)

Cancelled – The chat request was cancelled either before it was requested, or after 3 minutes.

Billing Started – A chat request is currently active.

Validation Pre-Authorization – A customer is either entering payment details to start a new chat request, or viewing the payment page.

Pre-Authorization Timeout – The customer selected a chat request however he/she did not proceed with payment. Notifications are not sent to you unless payments are made prior to beginning a chat request.

Pre-Authorization Declined – The customer’s card was declined prior to beginning the chat.

Pre-Authorization Voided – The chat request was answered, and accepted however it did not begin, because the customer did not start chatting after it was accepted because they may have left.

Not Accepted – The customers chat request was answered, and a click of “No” was selected by the seller to indicate not to accept that chat.

Not Accepted (Busy) – A chat request was received while another person was in a live chat. Premium.Chat automatically sends a notification to the person who was trying to chat when the prior chat is completed.

Declined – The customers card was declined after the chat request was answered and accepted. They are given another opportunity to correct the decline.

Offline Request – The customer requested to be notified when you become available to chat again while your availability was set to offline. When your availability or schedule is set to online the customer is notified that you are available to chat.

Referral – This transaction took place with a seller you referred to the Premium.Chat platform.

Chargeback – is a debit or credit card transaction that’s reversed by the cardholder’s bank after they dispute a charge on their account.

Funds Reserved – The funds for this transaction have been deteremined to be high-risk and have a high likelyhood of becoming a chargeback. Premium.Chat may do this to reduce losses to remain financially stable so it may payout its clients without any issues. The money is held in our reserve fund, and set aside on your behalf for an undetermined amount of time until further notice.

Premium.Chat will release these funds to you as a payout in the future, when the risk has been reduced. If a chargeback does occur during that time, and we encounter financial losses related to this transaction, these funds will not be released to you, as they will be deducted to offset any chargebacks and fees which we may owe our bank.
See section 7D. in our Terms and Conditions.

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