Frequently Asked Questions


Can I set my own prices for chat?

Yes, you’re free to set your own prices. Our pricing table shows the minimum and maximum fees you can charge for each type of chat. If you want to charge a different amount to our standard billing rates, please contact us and tell us more about your business and why you would like to charge more. You can set different prices for text chat, voice chat, and video chat, or for different chat topics. You can also choose to bill your customers on a per-minute or flat-rate basis: If you select per-minute billing, your customers will only be charged for the actual time used on the call. If you choose flat-rate billing, you can set a maximum length of the chat, so the people you talk to can get an idea how long the chat could last. You can also set up extended chat as an option in your widget or profile settings. This way, when a chat session gets close to the maximum time, our system will automatically ask your customer if they want to continue chatting. The billing will begin again if they agree. We recommend you use this option, as it’s a great way to boost your earnings!