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How can I achieve a high 'Top Response Speed'?

"Top Response Speed" measures the swiftness with which you respond to Premium.Chat requests. Enhancing your speed is pivotal to attracting more users. We calculate this daily using a 30 day average. Sellers in the top 10% for "Top Response Speed" receive a ribbon on their profile, spotlighting them to potential chatters and increasing their chances of more interactions.

Here's how:

  1. Stay Active: Ensure you're frequently online and have notifications enabled, so you're immediately alerted to new Premium.Chat requests.
  2. Organize Your Time: Dedicate specific periods of your day solely for Premium.Chat interactions. Quick acknowledgment of a request can make a lasting positive impression on users.
  3. Efficient Tool Use: Familiarize yourself with the platform's interface, ensuring you can swiftly accept or acknowledge a chat request as soon as it comes in.

    Tips: Make sure your notification options are optimized as best as possible so you don't miss requests and income as a result.
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