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What types of notifications does Premium.Chat offer, and how can I adjust them?

Premium.Chat provides various notification methods to make sure you're always connected with your audience. These can be personalized to your needs in the Settings > Notifications section of your account:

1. Mobile Notifications:

You'll receive a notification on your mobile device, either via SMS or WhatsApp, whenever a Premium.Chat request is made. Clicking on the notification link will guide you to the Premium.Chat website, where you can view chat details such as topic, price, and the requesting user.

SMS: An immediate alert through text message. Please note that SMS notifications aren't available in all countries.

WhatsApp: Used as a replacement in countries where SMS isn't accessible, ensuring you're always notified.
Requirement: You must select at least one method (either SMS or WhatsApp) for mobile notifications. To download Whatsapp on your device click here.

2. Email Notifications:

Emails serve as a backup notification method. They're typically slower than mobile alerts. If you do overlook a mobile notification, the email provides a link to the chat request, allowing you to inform the user of your availability.

3. Web Notifications:

Upon receiving a request while logged into your Premium.Chat account, a popup, accompanied by your chosen ringtone audio, will detail the incoming chat.

Optimization Tip: Stay logged into Premium.Chat and set your speaker volume high to ensure immediate alerts, helping you promptly connect with users.

The efficiency of your responses, influenced by how you set up and manage your notifications, directly impacts metrics like Top Answer Rate and Top Response Speed. These metrics play a crucial role in determining your appeal and reliability to users. To understand more about these metrics and how to optimize them, please refer to the relevant section in the FAQ.

Seller Tip: It's essential to frequently review and adjust your notification settings to match your preferred communication method. An optimal setup ensures timely responses, enhancing your connection with users

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