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best practices

To achieve maximum success, and earnings on the platform, we recommend implementing all of the following best practices.

Here is a good example of a profile that follows 1-4, click here.

  1. Customize profile visuals:

    • Replace the default generic blank cover header image with an attractive and eye-catching cover image that aligns with your brand or personal style. You will lose out on opportunities to chat if you profile is generic, or incomplete.
    • Set background colors and border colors that complement your profile and create a visually appealing look.
  2. Enhance widgets with multimedia:

    • For each widget, include multiple unique photos or a relevant video that directly relates to the sub-category it represents. We recommend using different photos and videos for each widget as your profile more appealing to buyers.
    • Select high-quality images or videos that capture attention and provide a clear representation of the topic or product being showcased.
    • Ensure that the multimedia content is engaging and visually appealing to entice potential buyers to click and initiate a chat.
  3. Create diverse widgets:

    • Aim to create a minimum of 3-6 widgets per profile, each targeting different sub-categories within your niche. Ideally for Chat, Calls, and Video if you are able.
    • By offering a large variety of widgets, you can cater to a broader audience and increase the chances of attracting potential buyers interested in different topics or products.
    • Consider the specific needs and interests of your target audience when choosing the sub-categories to focus on.
  4. Align topic and descriptions with sub-categories:

    • When setting up each widget and profile, ensure that the topic and descriptions accurately reflect the sub-categories they belong to.
    • Tailor the content to align with the specific interests and expectations of users browsing those sub-categories.
    • Use descriptive and engaging language to entice potential buyers to explore your widgets and initiate a chat.
  5. Stay active and visible by signing in often:

    • Maintain a consistent and active presence on the platform to attract more buyers.
    • Regularly engage with chats, promptly respond to inquiries, and provide valuable insights or assistance.
    • Keep your availability status set to "AVAILABLE" by signing in as often as possible to signal to potential buyers that you are actively available for chats. When you are active on our site it will show as "ONLINE" which will attract more people.
    • Actively participate on social media, discussions, forums, or relevant groups to increase your visibility and establish yourself as an authority in your field. These are good ways to promote yourself by getting more people to your profile link.

  6. Send enticing and helpful direct messages to your contacts:

    • Utilize direct messages to nurture relationships with your current contacts and welcome new ones.
    • Craft personalized and engaging messages that provide value, whether it's sharing relevant updates, offering exclusive deals or discounts, or simply expressing appreciation.
    • Tailor your messages to the specific needs and interests of each contact to maximize the chances of eliciting a positive response.
    • Maintain a friendly and helpful tone to encourage continued engagement and establish a positive rapport with your contacts.

7. Promote your profile link on all your social media accounts:

  • During direct messaging conversations on social media, inform your contacts that you offer premium chat services.
  • Direct them to visit your profile to begin a chat and take advantage of the exclusive features and benefits you provide.
  • Emphasize the value and unique offerings available through premium chat to incentivize potential customers to explore your services.

If you have a website, promote your widget on your site. When engaging with people on social media, mention your premium chat services.

  • Make sure to prominently feature your profile link on all your social media profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Include the link in your bio or about section, and regularly share posts or updates that direct your followers to your profile.
  • Avoid removing or hiding the link to maintain a consistent promotion of your premium chat services.
  • Utilize your website as an additional platform to promote your widget.
  • Display the widget prominently on your homepage or relevant pages where visitors are likely to engage with your services.
  • Highlight the benefits of using premium chat and encourage visitors to initiate a chat by clicking on the widget.


8. Earn more money through the two-tier referral program:

  • Take advantage of the referral program to earn additional income.
  • Promote the referral program to your network by sharing your referral link on social media, in direct messages, or through your website.
  • Encourage others to sign up as sellers using your referral link and earn a percentage of their sales.
  • Additionally, when sellers referred by you bring in new sellers, you also earn a percentage of their sales, creating a potential source of passive income.

Remember, these best practices serve as guidelines, and it's essential to monitor and adapt your strategies based on user feedback and performance metrics. Regularly analyze the effectiveness of your widgets, profile, and communication tactics to optimize your success on the platform.

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