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How do I find people to chat with?

Here' an expanded guide on how to find people to chat with using the's discover feature:

1. Visit the Discover Page: Navigate to

2. Use the Search Bar: If you already know who you're looking for, you can type their name, a keyword, or a specific topic into the search bar. This will bring up relevant results instantly, allowing you to find and connect with the right person quickly.

3. Filter Options: The discover feature provides several ways to filter and sort the profiles:

Chat Type: Filter by the type of interaction you're interested in, such as "Chat", "Live Video", or "Calls".

Status: Filter the profiles based on whether they are currently online or offline. You can also select "Incentive Offer" to see profiles offering free credits as a first time customer. Additionally, there are filters for verified profiles and for profiles containing adult or non-adult content.

Sort Order: You can sort the displayed profiles by relevance, recently active (online) or by the date they signed up on the platform.

4. Browse by Category/Sub-Category and Topics: Below the filter options, you'll find a wide range of categories and topics. These cover areas such as "Health & Wellness", "Home & Lifestyle", "Science & Math", "Sports", "Technology", "Travel", and many others. Within each category, there are a variety of specific topics. For instance, under "Health & Wellness", you'll find topics like "ADHD / ADD", "Aging", "Allergies", "Alternative Medicine", and so on. You can browse these categories and topics to find people specializing in areas you're interested in.

The discover feature offers a robust system for finding the right people to chat with. Whether you're searching for a specific person, filtering by chat type or user status, or exploring various categories and topics, the platform provides a multitude of ways to connect with others based on your interests and needs.

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