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What are the different statuses on the Premium.Chat platform, and how can I best utilize them?

The platform has various statuses to help you understand the availability of sellers:

1. Available: This status signifies that the seller is currently ready and able to take chat requests. If a seller has this status, you can start a conversation with them right away.

2. Online: This status indicates that the seller has been active on the platform within the past 20 minutes. This is updated automatically by the platform. Seeing a seller as Online suggests they are likely to respond promptly to a chat request.

3. Busy: This status is shown when a seller is engaged in a chat with another user. If a seller is Busy, they are currently unavailable for new chat requests. However, even if a seller is Busy or Offline, it's recommended to put in a 'Notify Me When Available' request. The platform will then send an email when the seller becomes available again.

4. Offline: This status indicates that the seller is not currently available to take chat requests. They could be taking a break or attending to other commitments. Just like with a Busy seller, if a seller is Offline, you are encouraged to put in a 'Notify Me When Available' request, and the platform will notify you when the seller is available again.

To ensure you don't miss out, sellers can also set a custom schedule on the platform. This feature allows them to switch their status from Available to Offline or vice versa, based on their preferred working hours.

To receive faster real-time notifications, make sure to provide your SMS or WhatsApp number. This way, you'll be alerted instantly when your chosen seller is available or transitions from Offline to Online. Always remember to check a seller's status before initiating a chat request to ensure prompt responses.

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