Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you pre-authorize my card?

A card pre-authorization is a common practice in many businesses, including online services like Premium.Chat. The primary reasons for pre-authorizing a card are:

Verification: Pre-authorization checks whether the card is valid and has sufficient funds for the transaction. This ensures that the service can be provided without interruptions.

Fraud prevention: Pre-authorization helps in preventing fraudulent activities.

Securing Payment: In businesses where the final amount may vary, such as a pay-per-minute chat, pre-authorization secures the payment for the estimated service amount. If the actual service usage exceeds the pre-authorized amount, further authorizations can be made such as extending your session, and media purchases.

Remember, a pre-authorization is not a charge. It's a temporarily holds a specific amount on your card to ensure that those funds are available when the actual final charge is made.  The amount of your pre-authorization will vary depending on who you plan to chat with. To learn more about the pre-authorization amount read here.

How Your Billing is Finalized

When your session ends, the settled amount used is billed and displayed to you. This amount can also be found in the receipt history of your account. Any remaining blocked amount from the pre-authorization is released back to your account. The timing for this can vary depending on your bank's policies which is usually several business days.


Per Minute: When you choose a pay per minute option, you will only be billed for time used.  Any remaining unused funds will be returned to your card.


Flat Rate: When you choose a flat rate option, you will be billed the full amount regardlress of the time used which means no funds will be returned to your card. All minutes are used up when your session ends.


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