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What is the amount of the pre-authorization?

The pre-authorization amount for a chat session on our platform is determined by two factors: the per-minute rate set by the independent seller and the anticipated duration of the chat.

So for example: the person you're chatting with, we'll call them the "seller", sets a price of $1.99 for each minute of the chat. They think the chat might last about 20 minutes.

Before you start chatting, we need to make sure your card can cover the cost. So, we do a quick check, or "pre-authorization". This is just a temporary hold, not an actual charge. Any left over amount when the session ends will be automatically credit back to the card you used, and detailed records can be found in your receipts on our site.

Here's how we figure out the amount:

We take the cost per minute ($1.99) and multiply it by the expected chat time (20 minutes). So, $1.99 times 20 equals $39.80. This is the amount we check your card for.

Remember, we only do this check when the seller is ready and accepts the chat. And, for per minute chat you only get billed for the time you actually spend chatting. If you extend your chat because you'd like to chat longer than expected, we'll let you know before you are pre-authorized again when any extra time is added.

How to find the Pre-authorization amount

To see the pre-authorzation amount go to the seller's profile, and look for the price per minute. Next to the price per minute you will see an "i" that is highlighted. When you click or hover over it you will see the amount of time set for the chat, the price per minute, and the pre-authorization amount. You can see this before you decide to begin your session to ensure your card has enough funds beforehand. This way when your chat is accepted it will work successfully.


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