Advisor Angelina


I am here to give new Beginnings to those who are searching! I am a new age psychic and I want to you help find your right path in life no matter what it may be, anywhere from love to your past life and everything in between. I give true and honest readings with full detail marking sure you are 100% satisfied! Helping in every area in your life.


I’m here to guide you in the right path. Get real answers you’re looking for today.

Hi my name is Angelina and I’m here to guide you to the right path in your life such as love, money, career, and so much more… I have been giving reading for over 20 years and help many people reach there goals. So let me be your guide to a new life path.

$1.75 Per Minute
Get a $5.00 Credit on your 1st Call.
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