My name is Cadence, and I am a person in their mid 20's. I identify as nonbinary. I am able to text chat with you to assist with various things, and I can chat with you to give you life advice if you wish. I can gather information via research and make sense of it, before putting it in a way people can understand.


computer shopping, online

Shopping for a new computer can be confusing. What is ram? What is a solid state drive? What computer would last the longest? These are questions I wish I'd asked someone when I looked for my first computer. I ended up with a tiny tablet computer that didn't do what I needed it to. In fact, the machine crashed in the first year. I want to help you avoid that. I will go through the research with you, finding answers to questions you may have and answering what I can with life experience. I will gather reviews of products you may be curious about, taking the time to look at each option.

$45.00 Flat Rate
For up to 60 minutes
Get a $5.00 Credit on your 1st Chat.