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I'm a mid-20 gal who discovered the fun of unconventional sex. I've pushed my limits beyond what I would have thought possible even 2 years ago. I can tell you how I did it and help you get out of your comfort zone. You may have seen my sex confessions on Medium, Kindle & Smashwords. Or simply ask me about the kinky stuff I did if it excites you!

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My Sex Life as a Fuck Doll

I share my private sex life as a submissive fuck toy on Medium & Patreon, but cock-carrying beasts wanted to chat more about it, so here I am, ready to please you, Sir! I'm an author, so no pic & no video! WORDS! Ask me about groups of men using & sharing me as a sex toy, clit torture (I recently discovered and neeeeed it now), sperm-only diet for up to a month, or give me ideas of what I should ask men to do to me next! Blonde. 25 years old.

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