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Well hello there!!! I am a very sensual, erotic BBW Lady, that means Big and Beautiful. Don't let the softness fool you, I can be kinky rough and hard , when need be. I want to run my long nails across your rigid cock, down your back. My big luscious Tits will milk your Cum. I will drain every drop and all your energy.

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I will render you helpess and breathless and on top of it I want you speechless. I want to use you and abuse you in the simpliest form. My wet soft seductive Body will guide you into forbidden fantasies! I want to Cum with you and for You. I want to make you explode and lap it up with my Huge Tits. I will get on my Knees and wait to recieve You. I want to make You mine and all mine. Your soft touch, long rod makes me weak. I will be begging for more, I will scream your name take all Your thoughts and cradle them and make them all mine.

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