Lola is a vamp. She's a mind teaser, sensually dominant, controlling, and manipulative. She expects the finer things in life and isn't afraid of dominating any man. She's got a classy demeanor but she has a heart made of stone. And she may throw that stone straight into your balls.


Sensual Domination & Mind Fuckery

Hello. I'm Lola Vamp, and I'm a manipulating mean chick who wants to have you beg for my attention. You will be happy if I am in the mood to be nice. But if I feel like controlling you, owning you, teasing you, denying you... that's what Ima gonna do. I normally feel like wrecking dudes, so take the hint. I'm always up to no good.

$15.00 Flat Rate
For up to 15 minutes
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