I am the MILF Teacher and class is in session! I am a college professor and I'm here to teach you all the in's and out's on how a MILF like me likes to get fucked. The person that I am during class is a completely different person after the bell rings!

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I know that's really why you wanted to take my class. I'm OK with that but you've done it now! I hope you have the intellect to keep up with the course. This isn't high school or anything mediocre. This is the Ivy League and it will really test how much of a man you are once I hit you with all of my tests and challenges. Are you up for the challenge? That's the question that you have to decide the answer. I want to push you to your animalistic limits. It's in each and every one of us already. It just takes the right person, which is me, and the right moment to bring it out of you.

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