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Your startup can succeed right now by building a solid business foundation. Trial and error is a tough way to learn. Don't waste your time and money figuring it out alone. Chat, call, or video with Shawn now! AVAILABILITY: Reach out anytime and I'll connect if available. Dedicated Wingman office hours are 8 AM to 10 AM EDT/5 AM to 7 AM PDT. Active on social media? Let's connect!


Startup Assistance - Chat

Business consulting doesn't get any easier than this! Startup help within seconds. You can explore, chat, or do quick research on demand. The way you can use this service is limitless, but here are a few ideas: tackle simple problems, do quick research, or get tips, advice, and recommendations.

$2.50 Per Minute


Startup Assistance - Voice

This service is perfect for general problem solving or getting a deeper understanding of an issue. It can be great for market research questions, pricing issues, small business funding challenges, customer analysis, decision-making, dealing with an unexpected crisis, and more!

$3.00 Per Minute


Startup Assistance - Video

Need help with the big picture? We got you covered! This service is excellent for strategy sessions, regular sessions with an accountability partner, business fundamentals instruction, whiteboard sessions, challenging your thinking (devil's advocate), entrepreneurial learning skills, and more!

Video Chat
$3.50 Per Minute
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