Empowering readings. Your highest and greatest good is the focus of every reading I do. I don't sugar coat messages. My background includes energy healing and life coaching, and my readings are part intuition, part classic interpretation, and part channeled message. We can discuss your dreams and desires, your love life, your ambitions, or just talk about what comes up in the cards.


Get a live tarot reading!

Get a live chat tarot reading today. My readings are focused on empowering my clients. I won't sugar coat messages or give you the runaround. I've been reading tarot for over 30 years and have a background in energy healing and life coaching. My readings are a mixture of classic tarot card reading, channeled messages, and honesty.

$1.99 Per Minute


Empathy, Wisdom, and a bit of Magic

I help people connect to the wisdom they have within so they can make better decisions, lean into their intuition, and learn to love life more. If you need help with: ❇️ Connecting with your own Higher Wisdom and the Universe around you ❇️ Making long-term goals based on your authentic desires ❇️ Stopping automatic negative thoughts dead in their tracks ❇️ Getting over a disappointment or breakup ❇️ Getting on the "right path" after losing yourself I'd love to help you! I'm a Certified Life Coach in the States and am working on my LSB training in Austria. I'd love to support you.

$50.00 Flat Rate
For up to 45 minutes


LIVE Reading

Get a live tarot reading today!

Video Chat
$4.99 Per Minute


Per Minute Reading Call

Would you like to get a reading by phone with me? My readings are part tarot, part channeled message, and part intuitive coaching. We connect with your true desires and talk about not only what cards come up, but what you truly want for the next phase of your life.

$99.00 Flat Rate
For up to 45 minutes
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