You never been sold on the concept of destiny. Until now. Satan is the God of this world and master of lust. He has developed a social conscience. She's called Empress Dona Diabla. She offers you a gift of life, one wrapped in mind control and mean-spirited sadism. Magic Control, masochism, Mental Domination, Hypnosis, Intoxication and worse that I paraded across your psyche.


♥Demonic Latin/Middle Eastern mistress♥

I’m Dona Diabla, a dark pale beauty with an thin yet curvaceous body. I am of Turkish and Mexican descent. With wide green eyes, cupid bow's lips, and an dark laugh. As I light my candles, chant my incantations, and clear my mind for your domination.As my slave for the weekend, you will serve my every need and desire. I take control of your body and mind as my personal possession.

$5.99 Per Minute