I'm blocking everyone who adds me without purchasing chat or call. Or who doesn't tip me 50 dollars.Satan has developed a social conscience. I am called Empress.Welcome to hedonism, black mass theatrics, and sexual freedom. A very intelligent, sexy woman. I don't cater to blasphemy or mommy play. But everything else is fair game.You can tell me your darkest secrets without judgement.


Homewrecked by Backrooms Interactive Game

This unique mindfuck game for paypigs and wallet bitches! Is your vanilla sex life with your spouse/gf dry? Needing the cash draining thrill of paying a bikini domme is enough to get you to orgasm. Let's give you a wallet rinse in this dark backroom game. This drain will be your foreplay into explosive Pay pig-gasm.

$50.00 Flat Rate
For up to 5 minutes
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