Jenna Ann Farley


Hello everyone thanks for taking a look at my profile my name is jenna Ann Farley I’ve been doing psychic readings for over 11 years!


Psychic love readings!


Hello I am jenna Anna Farley
I am here on this planet 🌎 to help and guide others in the right direction 🌈
I specialize in love and relationship past and previous ⭐️
I can Answer any question you have☀️
I always provide timeline 🪐
I am able to tap in your energy or the person you wanna know more such as what are they thinking?
What do they want with me?
Is he/she wants to really be with me?
Is this person really my soulmate?
Is there anyone else in he/she’s life?
I will get you straightforward and honest answers ✨

$5.99 Per Minute


Full life tarot card reading


Tells you what’s coming in your path!

$1.99 Per Minute


Past present and future readings

Live Video

$3.99 Per Minute