Octavian Badescu

Entrepreneur. Manager. Economist. Consultant. Author. Sovereign man. Managerial experience in private & public companies. Real and Virtual Estate & Stock Exchange Investor. International REALTOR. Founder of Sameday Courier, Retail+ & Freedom Group. Pro freedom, ownership, sound money & free market. I'm offering services, time & know-how, being focused on value preservation. Time IS Money!



I am at your disposal for 30 minutes, no matter what. Being a paid discussion, I assume that from a previous research, you are already aware if and how I might be able to help you. I will be pleased to discuss with somebody which value time as much as I do. My rates on this platform are highly influenced by the hosting costs. I am also available for a scheduled discussion / meeting if you access my personal agenda: https://badescu.ro/agenda. The value has to exceed the price. Thank you.

Video Chat
€75.00 Flat Rate
For up to 30 minutes
Get a $2.00 Credit on your 1st Video Chat.