Octavian Badescu

Entrepreneur. Manager. Economist. Consultant. Author. Sovereign man. Managerial experience in private & public companies. Real and Virtual Estate & Stock Exchange Investor. International REALTOR. Founder of Sameday Courier, Retail+ & Freedom Group. Pro freedom, ownership, sound money & free market. I'm offering services, time & know-how, being focused on value preservation. Time IS Money!



Suport uman in tranzactionare prin consultanta imobiliara online, live. Discutia cu un specialist in faza premergatoare demararii unui demers de tranzactionare imobiliara pe cont propriu sau printr-o agentie este o optiune de sine statatoare. Poate fi si una complementara eventualei utilizari a serviciilor platformelor din grupul nostru: faracomision.ro, romanian.realestate si freedomgroup.ro. Acest serviciu nu implica plata vreunui comision din eventuala viitoare valoare de tranzactionare si nici nu exclude o posibila continuare a colaborarii in proiect. www.badescu.realestate

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