Everything Adult Content Creators Need to Know About LoyalFans

Are you an adult content creator on the hunt for a welcoming and trustworthy online platform that will allow you to build your brand? If so, you may be wondering if LoyalFans is a safe and legitimate option to explore. Today, we’re going to help you take a look under the hood and uncover if this online resource is the right choice for you!

As many of the creatives and performers here in the Premium.Chat community know too well, finding dependable and adult-content-friendly virtual spaces in which to set up and build a personal brand can be a challenge. Far too many platforms are hostile towards creators who focus on crafting fantastic mature content, no matter how much their fans crave it.

Well, the website LoyalFans.com has certainly positioned itself as a hot and heavy hub for adult content and performers. However, the questions remain, is the site a safe destination for kinky creators and their followers, and does it have what it takes to help you effectively grow your income stream? If you’re ready to discover these answers and more, read on as we share the results of our digging, and dish all the details!

Table of Contents:

1. What is LoyalFans?
2. LoyalFans Features: The Basics
3. Is LoyalFans Anonymous?
4. Are Creators Protected and In Control on LoyalFans?
5. How Creators Get Paid By LoyalFans
6. Is LoyalFans Legit?
7. LoyalFans Reviews
8. Increasing Your Creator Revenue Stream With Premium Chat
9. Conclusion


Thanks to a timely rebrand in 2020, LoyalFans has been relatively ready to propel itself as an alternative to the internationally popular platform OnlyFans. This is especially true since the latter website considered imposing a ban on NSFW content in 2021, sending many of their more erotic content creators scattering in search of adult-friendly alternatives.

But is LoyalFans really as valuable for its users as its behemoth competitor, or are there some skeletons in its closet? Does it offer the best sales and usage model for creators to leverage, or are there inherent flaws to be wary of?

To shine a light on these issues, we’ve done our utmost to sleuth out the truth, drawing together the following information from the website’s own fineprint and trusted sites like TrustPilot, WebsiteOutlook, and ScamAdviser. So, without further ado, let’s take a peek and find out what LoyalFans is all about.

What is LoyalFans?

LoyalFans is a social media-style platform that allows influencers, creators, artists, and public figures to monetize video content and fan interactions. The website is for adults only and showcases inclusivity towards the creators of a broad range of erotic and sexually-oriented material.

Once known as NexoCams, the platform historically focused on adult camming with a subscriptions, sales, and tips-based revenue model. Today, creators can use LoyalFans to offer content via both subscription and direct sales, as well as monetize one-to-one interactions, and receive generous tips from their most loyal audience members.

LoyalFans Features: The Basics

So, what does getting started on LoyalFans involve? Content creators on the platform are first required to provide a Government-issued ID to verify their identity. Once they’ve been approved, they can create a username, a profile page, and set their profile picture.

With those things taken care of, the moment arrives to start putting out paid content so that fans can enjoy it! There are a few different ways for followers to buy content from creators on LoyalFans. These include:

  • Subscribing to their favorite creator’s timeline feed for exclusive access to content
  • Buying videos from their favorite creator in the site’s digital download Video Store
  • Buying audio recordings from their favorite creator in the site’s Audio Store
  • Buying Shout Outs or tailored video recordings from their favorite creator
  • Send paid messages to their favorite creator
  • Tip their favorite creator

The value of tips on LoyalFans is gloriously uncapped, however, tips can’t be solicited and—according to the website’s terms and conditions—they cannot be given in exchange for any kind of sought or offered services.

Is LoyalFans Anonymous?

While both content creators and their paying fans operate behind usernames on the website—suggesting a decent degree of anonymity—there are a few red flags tucked away within the website’s terms and conditions and privacy pages.

For example, the fine print clearly states that electronic communication on the site is not private, highlighting that users “should not use the Website to send or receive messages that you only intend the sender and named recipients to read,” before stating that the platform “may record communications conducted or initiated using the Interactive Services including all livestream, chat, email, voice, data, and other forms of communications.”

Worryingly, neither the website’s terms and conditions nor privacy policy make any mention of or guarantee anonymity, so if you’re concerned about remaining firmly under the radar, this may not be the right adult content platform to call home.

Are Creators Protected and in Control With LoyalFans?

Speaking to a LoyalFans interviewer, adult performer Casy Calvert shared: “I feel safe putting my hardcore content there, I know I won’t be arbitrarily punished or removed from the site simply for being kinky.” That sounds reassuring, but what about other protections for LoyalFans content creators?

Well, the platform’s terms and conditions include a description of prohibited activities, such as using the platform to harass or stalk anyone, or to exploit, harm, or try to exploit or harm minors. But how are these kinds of policies enforced?

The LoyalFans website operates a complaints procedure, providing separate email addresses for issues relating to abuse or more general support. They also state that they review excessive and potentially fraudulent chargebacks, which is definitely a common concern among today’s hustling content creators.

Despite these positive assurances, the LoyalFans fine print states that: “LoyalFans provides the Website “as is” and “as available.” You use the Website at your own risk.”

As you will read just a little later when we examine some of the website’s online criticism, some reviewers have suggested that the practical support required to effectively protect content creators from less-than-great experiences may leave something to be desired.

How Creators Get Paid By LoyalFans

What about when it comes to getting your hard-earned cash out of the platform? At time of writing, LoyalFans offers several payout options, including ACH, wire transfer, SEPA, and/or Paxum.

Just like Premium.Chat, LoyalFans doesn’t charge a signup fee or monthly subscription, but instead takes a cut of sales. In terms of commissions, content creators on LoyalFans receive a hefty 80% of each sale or subscription fee, and can even boost their revenue by taking advantage of the platform’s referral scheme, which provides a 5% commission to referrers.

There is a minimum payout value of $50 and content creators receive a payout twice per month, within 7 working days of the end of the respective time period. That all sounds well and good, but are those favorable rates worth the aforementioned risk?

Is LoyalFans Legit?

OnlyFans Frequently Asked Questions

The LoyalFans About Us page shares that “Loyalfans.com is a privately held company whose foundation is built on over 35 years of experience in the adult industry.” On the Terms and Conditions page, we find that the privately held company is in fact Florida-based Endsun Services LLC.

Of course, these days, we can’t always trust what we read on the internet, making it a great idea to double-check the legitimacy of any website, platform, or service before signing up. Happily, the scam-detecting website ScamAdvisers gives LoyalFans a clean bill of health, concluding, “we think loyalfans.com is legit and safe for consumers to access.”

That said, while LoyalFans.com was able to pass the website metrics and malware and phishing tests administered by ScamAdvisers, the report does point out that when an internet-wide search for reviews was conducted by their algorithms, mainly negative reviews were discovered.

LoyalFans Reviews

Speaking of reviews, what exactly are people saying online about LoyalFans? As ever, we turned to the dependable embrace of TrustPilot to get the skinny on the website under today’s spotlight.

As every content creator is aware, fantastic review ratings are crucial for online success. Knowing this, you may hear alarm bells when you learn that—at least for now—LoyalFans has a TrustPilot review score of only 2.1 out of 5 stars. Here are some excerpts from the feedback that their reviewers left about LoyalFans:

On the more positive end of the spectrum:

Reviewer Marshal Translations said: “Guys, this site is for you if you’ve been burned by Onlyfans. This site is secure, rich in functionality, and low in spam.”

Reviewer Angela Matondolo said: “Excellent website, everything is clear, fun and easy to use, support responds immediately, I would give more stars it I could I’m 90% percent happy. only challenge is delays in payments.”

However, some reviewers raised technical concerns:

Reviewer Charles said: “The audios wouldn’t load or took ages, the trailers were jerky and long to load if at all, sometimes there was no sound on the trailers.”

Reviewer John P said: “From a user/viewer’s perspective the navigation is clunky and trying to scroll through someone’s page is very difficult it keeps skipping back up to the top of the page.”

Regarding LoyalFans’ payment system and security:

Reviewer Ben Hodges said: “They refused to take my payment saying that my bank didn’t like reoccurring subscriptions.”

Reviewer Potocki/Clinton Casimir said: “Can’t connect credit card due to fraud alerts by the bank. Customer service sucks and support phone number has nobody answering it. Worst online experience ever. Hope the models aren’t getting screwed out of their paychecks on their end. Been submitting requests multiple times but no follow-up on their end and can’t reach any real humans to resolve issues.”

Feedback on content vetting:

Reviewer Ali Riayde Jawad said: “LoyalFans does not vet nor does it care about the legality and appropriateness of the pornographic material that their website publishes regularly. When I reported a LoyalFans creator for possibly posting underage content as well as illegally taking photos and videos of random women without their consent, they banned my account right away.”

Are There Other Ways to Increase Your Creator Revenue Stream?

As our regular readers know, here at Premium.Chat, we love uniting our vast spectrum of users with the tools and resources they need to expand both their audience and income. 

Particularly within the realm of adult content creation, it has been exciting to see that—since Premium.Chat’s parent company first launched back in 1997—an increasing number of online platforms are championing and catering to adult content creators rather than shaming and shutting them down.

From wishlist platforms to paid video chat widgets that you can embed right into your own website, there are plenty of ways to monetize your talent, time, and fanbase. However, it is always essential to do some research before signing up with any service provider in order to ensure the long-term safety and enjoyment of you and your clients.

With that in mind, if you aren’t already part of the Premium-Chat community, why not take a deep dive into our blog, check out more reviews, or sign up for free and start getting paid to chat with your loyal fans today?


As you can see, while it’s exciting to come across an adult-content-friendly platform like LoyalFans, there are definitely some aspects of this site’s track record, its terms and conditions, and its privacy policy that may be worthy of a second glance.

Of course, as an independent and self-created content-crafter, the final call on whether LoyalFans is right for you is yours! However, whether you decide to add LoyalFans to your adult content-creation arsenal or not, we hope to welcome you to the Premium.Chat family if we haven’t already. Learn more about how adult performers use Premium.Chat to turn fans and followers into paying customers.

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