How to Login, Create a Password & Set Your Availability on Premium.Chat

How to Login to your Premium.Chat Account for the first time using your phone number

  1. Go to Sign in on
  2. Select “Phone” tab

3. Enter your cell phone number used for your Premium.Chat and click “Sign in” button to submit. A one-time login code will be sent to you.
4. Enter the login code sent to you by text, or whatsapp.

How to create a password to login again

To make logging in faster to your Premium.Chat account, you may create a password of your choice.

  1. Go to Settings > Private Info.
  2. Enter the password you would like to use in the password field and click “Save”

How to set your availability

You have 3 options for your availability settings.

“Online” and “Offline” needs to be manually set each time you want to change. With “Custom Schedule” setting you may set an automatic schedule which makes changes to your availability for you.

Online – (This will show you as “Online” which means your are available to take Premium Chat requests)

Offline – (This will show you as “Offline”. You may receive an offline chat request when someone wants to chat. It will notify you by email, or sms. When you change yourself to Online those people will be automatically notified.

Custom Schedule – (This setting will automatically change your availability for you based on the hours, and days you set your availability for).

  1. Go to Settings > Availability.

If you are not able to get to a chat request when you are Online, our system will notify you if you miss a chat and you can click on the link to notify the person that you are available again.

If you need assistance, see our FAQ, or complete the contact form to get in touch with us.

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