TextingFactory Reviews: Is It A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online?

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In this review of TextingFactory (www.TextingFactory.com) answer the most commonly asked questions, and provide helpful comparisons between similar texting services you can also make money from

More and more of us are making the move to working from home these days, and so finding real online opportunities is becoming a popular pastime. Being a chat operator sounds like a great possibility for anyone with a flair for being social. There is a thriving online market for both casual and erotic chat – and a host of other chat possibilities – so, depending on your inclinations, there may be a real value for your time and attention to be discovered out there! If you’ve been trawling for a life-changing career opportunity, you might have come across TextingFactory. The website is filled with enticing statements, while simultaneously being incredibly vague about what working for TextingFactory actually entails. If your curiosity has been piqued, but you want to know more before jumping in, we’ve been busy collating TextingFactory reviews, and uncovering the facts, to help you on your journey!

What Exactly Is Texting Factory, and it is a scam or legit?

What is Texting Factory
TextingFactory.com – Homepage

TextingFactory was founded in 2009, and is part of umbrella company Web Tech Interactive Media Ltd. Although the company serves an international roster of clients, it is itself based in Samoa. Upon landing on their website, you’ll find yourself subjected to a hard sell without much substance. There’s a huge amount of information about the flexibility of working for TextingFactory, but a drastic sparsity of info on what the job involves! Only those who sign up will begin to receive a glimpse into what service they will be providing. To jump the gun: TextingFactory recruits operators to work on a fantasy-based adult texting network.

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As a chat operator on the platform, you would be taking on a role within erotic and casual chat conversations. Customers on the network choose who they want to talk to, and as an operator, you will need to play or “act” that role, which might mean pretending to be someone you’re not. We can’t help but find ourselves wondering, why the secrecy? Adult chat is a booming market, filled with platforms that are both forthcoming and transparent about what their valued professionals provide. This recruitment strategy from TextingFactory has left many asking is TextingFactory legit? It certainly seems a little questionable in this light, although there isn’t much to go on!

Who Can Work On TextingFactory?

TextingFactory work requirements

TextingFactory requires that chat operators be fluent in English, are at least 18 years of age, and requires proof of ID. Operators must have a PC and stable internet connection, and must accept their privacy terms and conditions. A new operator will complete 2-3 hours of training, before going live on the chat platform. From there, a minimum of 200 messages a week is a must for your account to remain active. In terms of job flexibility, TextingFactory operators can choose their own hours, and work as and when they like, just so long as they hit their minimum quota.

What is a Text Chat Operator?

What is a Text Chat Operator?
Text Chat Operator Definition

As a Text Chat Operator you will text on casual and erotic messages from lonely guys. It’s not just adult in nature, all topics will be discussed, however it can often turn sexually explicit. Rest assured, your identity is fully protected, no personal information is given out to anyone and its kept completely private. A Text Chat Operator position can be very financially rewarding since many of the men you text are lonely, and searching for a woman to talk to. They often get hooked in, and if you have a pleasing personality they will return for many chats.

How Much Can You Earn On TextingFactory?

TextingFactory earning potential

There seems to be no guidance to be found on how earning works on TextingFactory, with little light shed on how much they pay per text, or what fees they charge. On the application page of their website, they state that you can “easily” earn $200 – $400 a week, depending on how much you work. It’s worth noting that they only pay out through the digital wallet platform Bitsafe, which seems to be biggest gripe of all in TextingFactory reviews. Many reviewers share that they were unable to validate their Bitsafe account, were struggling with missing payments, or frustrated by Bitsafe’s fees, which can potentially take out a substantial chunk of your earnings on their way to you.

What About Other TextingFactory Reviews?

TextingFactory Reviews

TextingFactory.com job reviews on TrustPilot don’t paint the platform in a rosy light, with many suggestions of a TextFactory scam, on the basis of operators finding their accounts closed before securing their first payment, and a lack of support from TextFactory coaches. Others note that the window to respond to initial contact with a client is a competitive one – if another operator beats you to the punch then your efforts will be wasted. Of course, reviews are, as always, opinions that may exhibit an unknown bias. However, rather alarmingly, several reviewers mention wishing to take legal action against the company. Overall, from 79 reviews, TextingFactory rates at 2.1 / 5.0 on TrustPilot, with 11% of reviewers giving it the highest rating, and 59% giving it the lowest.

Positive ReviewsNeutral ReviewsNegative Reviews
GrumpyNikolai: “Not sure about this one, but it seems to be the same type of a business as Cloudworkers. Those I can say are legit. You’ll get paid every month.”HokieScott: “Ah I did something like this a long time ago. It was decent money. Not sure with this one – but if you get good at it, you can get paid well.”saislo: “Yikes. I’ll just avoid this platform.”
Chevy876ix: “Late as hell but they’re legit. I’ve made money from them. And no I’m not some bot trying to advertise them because I will admit that they do have some bullshit terms.”NeitherCantaloupe659: “Why is it taking so long to load when I’m applying.”Deleted User: “Don’t work there.”
Anonymous (Glassdoor): “It is one of the biggest company with good results if you work hard.”Anonymous (Trustpilot): “Texting factory gave me 3 accounts to work onto. US, AU and CA. I asked one of the coaches for the reason of my deactivation and he said it was because the US division disabled my account due to ‘poor quality messages’ even though I have never received any bad feedbacks on that account.”Anonymous (Trustpilot): “Texting factory is such a scam. Don’t ever get fooled. I made an effort working for them. What their company do is they scam men. They handle dating sites. They even get your personal information during the application. I worked for only 2 weeks and they paid me for it then suddenly removed my account.”
Anonymous (Trustpilot): “I love working for Textingfactory. Best job I have had in a long time. I work for this company and have for months. I went from a text operator to a poke writer. This is a great source of income for me. It is now the only work I do and it is nice because I get to work at home.”Anonymous (Trustpilot): “The pay is abysmal, they deactivate your account without notice, support is basically non-existent, and they flood your email with some bloody nonsense. Not worth it, don’t waste your time and search for something better out there.”

Answers to Additional Questions about Texting Factory

If you are looking for alternatives to Texting Factory, there are several other sites that offer similar services. Some popular options include:

1. Premium.Chat – A live pay per minute chat and messaging platform for influencers, individuals, businesses and websites, designed to monetize one one one communications, along with content selling.

2. Click4Advisor: A platform that provides live chat and phone call services for businesses and individuals.

These are just a few examples of sites that offer similar services to Texting Factory. You may want to compare features, pricing, and user reviews to determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

It is unclear whether Texting Factory is available for use in Nigeria. As the company’s website does not list specific countries where its services are available, it is best to reach out to their support team for more information. They should be able to provide you with information on availability and any necessary requirements or restrictions for using the service in Nigeria.

Yes, it is possible to get paid just by texting. There are a number of platforms and services that allow you to earn money by sending text messages or providing support through text-based communication. For example, some companies offer jobs as a customer service representative or virtual assistant, where you can provide support to customers via text. There are also platforms that allow you to earn money by sending text messages for marketing purposes or as part of a survey.

It’s important to note that the amount of money you can earn by texting will depend on several factors, including the platform you use, the nature of the work, and the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to it. It’s always a good idea to research the specific platform you are considering and to carefully review the terms and conditions of any opportunity before getting started.

A text chat operator (tco) is a person who provides customer support, sales, or other types of assistance through text chat. They typically use a live chat platform or software to communicate with customers or clients in real-time. Text chat operators are often employed by businesses to improve customer engagement, resolve customer issues, and provide quick and convenient support. They may work from a call center or from their own location, and may be responsible for responding to customer inquiries, providing product information, processing orders, and handling customer complaints, among other tasks. The role of a text chat operator may vary depending on the business or organization they work for, but the goal is typically to provide customers with a fast and convenient way to get the information or support they need.

What Are The Alternatives?

Premium.Chat Chat Billing Platform

The idea of getting paid to chat on a platform that already has an established customer base certainly holds appeal. However, some may feel uncomfortable with the role playing aspect of working for TextingFactory, or it’s somewhat shady reputation. For many, paid chat might seem like a dream career opportunity, but they’d rather not be tied to a platform that dictates who they chat to, or what they chat about! If this sounds like you, consider starting your own paid chat service using Premium.Chat. With our platform, you can market yourself in your own way, and set the topics you decide. You can charge exactly what you want to and take control of your professional chat potential!

How Does Premium.Chat Work?

Premium.Chat example

Premium.Chat is a chat billing platform that you can use to make your mark in any way you want. Professionals ranging from Adult Entertainers to Financial Advisors; Life Coaches to Tutors; Influencers to Attorneys – and more – all use Premium.Chat to monetize their unique skill set. On our platform, they can offer text-based and video-based chat to clients all over the world. Signing up with Premium.Chat is free, and there are no monthly costs to worry about. You simply create your own profile, establish your chat offerings, and get started right away! You can even create chat widgets to embed on your own website, for a truly professional touch – and it only takes a few minutes! If you’ve got an idea for a paid chat service, be it similar to the TextingFactory concept, or something else entirely, you can make it entirely your own with the help of Premium.Chat.

A Platform That Lets You Do Things Your Way While Monetizing at the same time

pay per minute text and video chat

The key to success with Premium.Chat is how you market yourself. Rather than competing with others on a vast platform, you can create your own social media following, and generate traffic to your own website, and then monetize those visitors with our easy to use paid chat formula. Our scheduling tools mean that you can automate when you appear online, or simply toggle your availability as and when you feel like it. You won’t be tied to a PC, as Premium.Chat can be used on any device. It’s totally web based, which means no need to download or install anything for you or your clients.

We make sure that payment is always secured before you start a chat session, so you’ll never have to worry about chasing down bills. Our system is secure, and you can choose which call requests you accept or reject. You can use our comprehensive analytics to keep track of your progress, and pay out your earnings each month either through PayPal or Direct Deposit. We believe in transparency and integrity, which is why you’ll find everything you need to know about Premium.Chat in our FAQs! Dive in and discover more about what we do, or sign up and get started today!

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