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Chat about your future endeavors (dreams), and get pointers. Tell me what inspires you, and what keeps you positively focused. In addition, how do you plan to carry out your dreams, and what is the hold-up! The plan is to start talking about your dreams more and more, it puts you over the hump and keeps you motivated to conclude your dreams and make them a reality.


Candy Girl Chats ~ Career, Artistry, Songwriting, and Relationship Advice

**PLEASE TEXT YOUR NAME AND CELL BEFORE MAKING YOUR ORDER: Talk about your future endeavors, career goals, song writing, artistry goals, relationships;etc. Ask questions about the things that you need help with, get answers and get inspired to do, get inspired to get focused, and then bring your dreams to an attainable reality. Learn how to save money, by creating your free website. In addition, let me help with your Promo video to market you as an artist or as a person.

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