How Homeworkers Charge Clients for Audio Calls, With Premium.Chat


Support for pay per minute voice calls now allows homeworking professionals to charge for incoming calls.

January 15, 2020, Greenvale, New York: Premium.Chat’s latest major upgrade is changing the way freelancers monetize their time. By supporting pay per minute voice calls, the paid chat platform allows for seamless, no-quibble billing. Now, COVID-affected professionals are leveraging these capabilities to offset lost income streams.

Since its launch in 2019, Premium.Chat has evolved beyond a secure text chat platform to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. Alongside text, users can now offer both voice calls and video calls. The new functionality is already proving popular with Premium.Chat’s userbase of coaches, consultants, influencers, and more.

CEO Michael Szerencsy explains the full significance of integrated billing: ‘Mainstream messaging apps work well for social contact, but don’t serve the needs of users wanting to charge clients for phone calls. Previously, these professionals would waste valuable time chasing payments from clients – with all the uncertainty that entails.’

Szerencsy believes Premium.Chat’s diverse options are the key to its surging popularity: ‘We’ve rejected the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of choice. Users have a choice of how to offer chat services – and how to charge for them. Most of the demand is for pay per minute calls, text chat, or video calls, but users can set fixed rates, if they prefer.’

As Szerencsy explains, both options can offset the loss of income professionals are experiencing as a result of canceled face-to-face meetings:

‘COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the way professionals are working – and earning. Site or home visits would naturally be billed to a client’s account, but there’s a real lack of clarity around online calls and consultations. Are they chargeable or complimentary? By offering pay per minute calls via Premium.Chat, users can remove the gray areas and monetize their time at rates they’re comfortable with.’

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