Text121Chat Reviews: Is This The Right Platform For Starting An Online Career?

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In this review of Text121Chat (www.Text121Chat.com) we provide answers to the most commonly asked questions, and helpful comparisons between similar services you can also benefit from

If you’re a social person with a little computer savvy, you may well be wondering if you can make a decent living working from home. Online remote work is becoming both more popular, and more viable these days. Paid chat in particular is a thriving industry that is only getting stronger!

If getting paid to chat sounds like a great career path for you, then it’s time to explore your options. One of the first companies you might come across is Text121Chat. This multi-sector chat company describe themselves as a major player in the industry, which certainly makes them seem worthy of analysis. If you’d like to find out more about what Text121Chat reviews reveal and the opportunities this company offers, then we’ve got you. Read on to discover what our sleuthing has uncovered!

What’s The Story With Text121Chat?

Text121Chat was created in 2003 by British entrepreneurs Lorna Williamson and Helen Simpson. Today, their company employs more than 300 operators, with bases in the UK and USA, and employees spanning Australia, Spain, the Netherlands and New Zealand. Their scope of operation covers Adult phone services, text chat, SMS, MMS, moderation, and consultancy.

In terms of areas of expertise, the chat operators they recruit generally work in the genres of Clean SMS & MMS Chat, Tarot, Trivia, Anything Answered, Adult, Domination, BBW and Fetish. They do describe themselves as the “biggest independent adult texting company in the industry”, suggesting that this niche may feature highly in their recruitment efforts, however they do advertise for a range of other professional chat roles, including customer service positions, and bilingual operators.

Who Can Work For The Platform?

who can work at text121chat

Aside from geographical restrictions, operators need to be 18 years of age or older. Text21Chat require that operators commit to a minimum quota – described as 2000 messages per month in several Text21Chat reviews. Applicants need to fill out an online application form, provide ID, and agree to contract terms and a nondisclosure agreement in order to enter the recruitment process. Contract specifics include a brief description of the training Text21Chat provide, for which new operators are obliged to pay a later deduction equal to their first 600 completed messages.

In terms of flexibility, chat operators can set their own hours, and log on whenever they want to, however there are some fine-print stipulations! Text121Chat ask that operators notify them if they are ill, or plan on taking a vacation. Otherwise, failing to log into the site for four days results in account suspension, which operators can address by contacting support. Failure to log in for a month is a one-stop ride to termination. It’s also worth noting that from the moment you fill in the application form – before Text121Chat jobs even begin – you have agreed not to work with any competing chat provider within a period of 24 months. For online professionals hoping to establish several streams of income, this clause may cause complication!

How Much Can You Earn With Text121Chat?

how much can i earn

When reading Text121Chat reviews on Money Saving Expert, from UK based reviewers, we found reference to Text121Chat pay rates of 3p or 5p per message. Such figures would mean the minimum quota of 2000 messages would earn operators £60 or £100 respectively ($74 and $123 at time of writing). This, in turn, would mean a whole lot of messages need to be sent to make a reasonable wage on the Text121Chat platform! Most pointers seem to indicate that making substantial dollars with this company may be a tall order for all but the most dedicated and speedy typists.

What About Text121Chat Reviews?


Glass Door seems to be the best place to go to for Text121Chat job reviews, and the results to be found are mixed. Overall, Text121Chat has drawn a score of 3/5 stars, and only 48% of reviewers would recommend the platform to a friend. Pros of working for the company include flexibility, working from home, and praise for the management. Meanwhile cons described include difficulty reaching the minimum quota, poor perception of the pay rates, difficulty in getting paid, and conflict with management. Of course, each review is only the opinion of an individual, with unknown biases or motivations. In this sense, reviews should be used only as pieces within a broader picture of any prospective employer – doing thorough research is always a wise call!

What If You’d Rather Choose Who You Chat To?

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If you’re not sure about giving control over who you chat to to someone else, you could always create a chat business of your very own! Premium.Chat is an easy to use chat billing platform that means you can seamlessly add paid chat to any online enterprise. With Premium.Chat, you’ll be among the company of Life Coaches, Tutors, Business Consultants, Influencers, Adult Entertainers, and so many other specialist entrepreneurs.

These professionals use Premium.Chat to monetize their talent in a range of different ways, through both text-based and video-based chat. Your space on the Premium.Chat platform doesn’t put you side-by-side with your competitors – but rather serves is a landing page for your prospective clients, with no distractions to detract from your sales!

Start Your Own Chat Business With Premium.Chat

premium chat platform

Rather than being a small cog in a big machine, our chat platform will allow you to build your own brand, and then link to your Premium.Chat profile to start making sales. You can market your chat service on Social Media, or build your own website and embed chat widgets into it – for a really professional presentation! In this way, you can target the audience that you dream of, and market your time to the kind of clients that you really want to work with.

Getting started with Premium.Chat is easy, and even better: it’s free! There are no sign up fees or monthly costs on our platform. You only pay a small percentage fee when you make real sales. This means there’s nothing to loose, and lots to gain! Once your profile is set up, you can begin creating chat offerings, specifying the topics you will talk about, how much you charge, and whether each offering will be text-based or video-based chat.

Are You Ready To Start Your Chat Empire?

get paid to chat

Undeniably, substantial chat companies like Text121Chat offer a certain kind of draw, however working for this kind of platform will always mean investing in someone else’s dream, rather than your own! With Premium.Chat, you can skip worrying about quotas, and grow your business at your own pace. You can create your own lifestyle using our scheduling tools, keep track of your progress with our handy analytics, and most importantly, get paid every month with no small-print to worry about! Discover more about how Premium.Chat works by diving into our FAQs, or simply sign up today and give it a try for yourself!

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