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Hello, Premium.Chat readers. It’s that time again! As you know, we’re always on the lookout for exciting online services that allow the incredible range of creators within our online community grow their following and further monetize their unique talents! With that in mind, today we’re here to take a look under the curtain over at, a wishlist website like WishTender for content creators. offers users the ability to create a “privacy-first Wishlist” that lets their fans support them by sending gifts without sharing personal information. The premise of giving and receiving Throne gifts certainly sounds promising. However, to help you make an educated choice about your own monetization ventures, we’re going to drop all the details on how the Throne wishlist works and provide the skinny on the latest Throne reviews—covering the good, the bad, and the ugly. Read on to learn more!

Table of Contents:

1. What is Throne?
2. How Creators Get Throne Gifts: The Basics
3. How Does a Throne Wishlist Work?
4. Is Throne Anonymous?
5. Payment Methods Offered by Throne
6. How Creators Get Paid By Throne
7. Throne Safety and Legitimacy
8. Throne Reviews
9. Does Throne Have an App?
10. Increasing Your Creator Revenue Stream With Premium Chat
11. Conclusion


According to Crunchbase, Throne was founded in 2021 by Heiner Stinner, Leonhard Soenke, and Patrice Becker. Over the years, it has also been known as Throne Gifts and However, today, the platform simply goes by Throne and is located at

At time of writing, according to Throne’s website, the platform has already attracted more than 300,000 creators from more than 80 countries, which is no small feat! However, the Throne wishlist has also been embroiled in some light scandal, with TechCrunch reporting on a supposedly now-fixed data breach.

So, out of the gate, we’ve got a mixed-bag impression of, but let’s move a little further behind that curtain, and find out more about how trustworthy or useful the platform truly is to content creators!

What is Throne?

Throne is an online platform that allows content creators to set up a wishlist, and their fans to purchase or contribute to the cost of items on that list, maintaining anonymity if they wish to. Throne gifts can be purchased either from partnering vendors listed on or from other online stores preferred by the creator.

How Creators Get Throne Gifts: The Basics

To make a Throne wishlist, creators first need to signup for an account using their email, Google account, Twitch, Twitter, or Youtube. From there, they can set up a Wishlist of items that their fans or followers can purchase for them.

To have success on Throne and other wishlist-focused platforms, it’s critical to customize your profile and share your wishlist with your fans! Throne also allows purchasers to add messages to their gifts and remain anonymous if they wish to, while recipients can respond with both public and private thank-you messages or videos.

How Does a Throne Wishlist Work?

There are plenty of flexible options for Throne gifts, including a wide selection of products with Throne-partnered suppliers. If creators put these on their Throne wishlist, then the platform will purchase and arrange shipping of the items on their behalf.

Alternatively, creators can add items from other online shopping sites using a link, list cash gifts, or set up crowdfunding for larger gifts. In these instances, the value of the gift(s) will be added to their Throne Balance and can then be withdrawn to their bank account. There is also the option to allow your followers to send surprise gifts or make gift suggestions!

Is Throne Anonymous?

The idea with a Throne wishlist is that the platform acts as a middleman, keeping the information of creators and fans private and not sharing it between the parties. Both creators and their followers operate on the platform with usernames, so there is no need to share any personal information.

On their website, Throne says “We believe that it should be possible for fans to support their creators with gifts without the creators risking privacy-related issues.”

For sure, this sounds like a positive concept and sentiment, but, as you will read in the Safety and Legitimacy segment a little further into this article, Throne hasn’t always been able to live up to its pledges around safeguarding user privacy. That said, today all signs indicate that the platform has locked down its prior vulnerabilities.

Payment Methods Offered by Throne

Throne uses Stripe to process both fan purchases and Creator payouts, which means that both parties get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a certified PCI Level 1 service provider.

However, as you will see when we get to Throne reviews, some users wish that the platform would also introduce user-friendly Paypal payments. Promisingly for those who favor Paypal, Throne have shared their intention to offer this option in the future.

How Creators Get Paid By Throne

Whenever a fan buys a Throne gift for a creator that is supported by the platform’s partner program, trusting that the creator’s address is registered correctly, they will receive the gift as a home delivery.

However, many potential Throne wishlist enthusiasts will be wondering how they can get cold hard cash out of the platform! In order to make a withdrawal from their Throne Balance, wishlist owners will need to go through the platform’s Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process, providing the necessary documentation to verify their identity.

Once approved, Throne gift recipients will be able to withdraw their money via Stripe, either to their bank account or a credit card, with a payout time of 7 business days. Keep in mind, Throne charges a 2.9% + 30 cents processing fee, plus platform service fees that range between 0% and 7%, depending on the gift type.

Throne Safety and Legitimacy

Throne boasts that all the data on their website is hosted on Google Servers in the US and that users’ data is secured by TLS (SSL) 256-bit encryption. They also encourage users to report instances of abusive or illicit behavior. But, is the site legitimate and can their claims be trusted?

According to, Throne is a legitimate website that can be trusted. However, some would-be users may pause after discovering that a data vulnerability on the platform was uncovered by a group of good-faith hackers called Zerforschung earlier in 2023. Throne issued a blog post about the incident, although the hackers claim that Throne hasn’t been entirely transparent about what went down.

Throne Reviews

As any savvy content creator knows, the best way to know if a product or service is worth your time or money is to take a deep dive into its reviews. With that in mind, we headed over to Trust Pilot to see how Throne reviews are measuring up, under the watchful eye of the online community.

At time of writing, Throne has amassed more than 900 reviews and claimed an impressive Trust Pilot rating of 4.9 stars out of five. A pretty mighty 92% of reviewers gave the platform a full 5-star review, which is definitely good going. However, there were a few negative reviews in the mix. Here are some of the ones that stood out to us across the spectrum:

Reviewer Soviatus said: “From the start Throne has been a great service for me as a streamer and the other streamers I moderate for as a safe and easy wishlist management tool. The integrations with Streamlabs and OBS are super quick and easy to set up. Beats using direct Amazon wishlist links all day.”

Reviewer Eve said: “This website was easy to sign up for and it has such a cute format with the way you can customize the little things such as banner and profile. It’s very easy to share the link to share with other and I’ve heard others say that it’s very easy to use on the creator and gifter side.”

Reviewer King Allonsy said: “Throne has been nothing but a godsend for my channel and community! Easy to use, fun suggestions, and the anonymity especially makes this site the top tier wishlist. My only complaint is that some things take a W H I L E to process and ship, but I’m no expert in this business and understand this could be out of their control. Wonderful resource for creators.”

Reviewer D D said: “Still not Paypal or SEPA payment (while it has been suggested 1y ago)”

Reviewer Siren said: “I love the idea of Throne and joined at the start, but it is still very US orientated, even though they claim it is international. They are fees even for not using US dollar, fees for none partner stores which aren’t available outside the US, and payment processing fees.”

Reviewer Lola said: “To receive a gift I’ve had to set up a stripe account, but still, they won’t release the money to me. Not to mention, the ‘gift’ has gone from my list, so even if I do get the money I don’t know what it was… its so frustrating. It looks like a scam, though I think it’s just poorly managed. Stink!”

Does Throne Have an App?

These days, we all enjoy a great app that can make our lives easier. However, at least for now, it is important to note that Throne does not have an App. So, don’t get confused by other products listed under a similar name on the Google Play and Apple stores!

Happily, Throne is smartphone browser friendly, so users can access the platform on their mobiles. It also offers cross-platform integrations, such as automatic custom Tweets, Discord messages, stream overlays and more.

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So, is a good option for content creators aiming to increase their income stream? According to our sleuthing, the Throne wishlist is a legitimate service with hundreds of satisfied users.

However, the platform doesn’t have a squeaky-clean track record when it comes to safeguarding user data. As always, if safety, data protection, and anonymity are as important to you as they are to us, we suggest proceeding with caution.

That’s a wrap for today’s Throne review from the Premium.Chat team! Be sure to delve deeper into our blog for more ways to boost your online hustle, or better yet, sign up with Premium.Chat today!

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