WishTender Unwrapped and Reviewed: Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Navigating the World of Findom

Here at Premium.Chat, it always gets our pulses racing when we discover dynamic and innovative resources that hold the power to help our amazing community hustle. With that in mind, today we’re thrilled to get under the sheets with gifting platform WishTender. Join us as we draw together all the need-to-knows so that you can decide whether it’s time to make a key addition to your money-making (or gift-giving) arsenal!

As you’ll soon discover, this comprehensive guide really delves into the details of this versatile platform, as well as spotlighting its intimate connection to the findom community. We cover everything from understanding what WishTender is and how it’s used by findoms to create wishlists, to the platform’s safety, legitimacy, and user reviews.

Additionally, we discuss how complementary methods of making money in findom, such as Throne.com, and our own home-grown Premium.Chat, can be stacked to create a lustfully lucrative income stream that delights findoms and their fans alike. If that sounds interesting to you, be sure to stick around until the end of this guide for a first-look info drop on an exciting contest that is exclusively open to users of both platforms.

However, first things first! By the end of this article, you’ll have a thorough understanding of WishTender, its role in the findom community, and how to navigate maximizing the various resources available for findoms to monetize their relationships with findom subs and paypigs. We’re sure you’ll agree, that’s a whole lot of good reasons to read on.

Table of Contents:

1. What is WishTender?
2. What is Findom?
3. How Findoms Use WishTender
4. WishTender Wishlist: The Basics
5. How Does WishTender.com Work?
6. Is WishTender Anonymous?
7. Payment Methods Offered by WishTender
8. How Findoms Get Paid with WishTender Using Stripe
9. WishTender Safety and Legitimacy
10. WishTender Reviews
11. Does WishTender Have an App?
12. Additional Frequently Asked Questions on WishTender
13. Exploring Additional Ways to Make Money in Findom
14. Using Complementing Tools to Build Your Findom Empire
15. Conclusion


Welcome to the fascinating world of WishTender (www.wishtender.com), a platform that has come to play a significant and empowering role in the findom community by dialing in on user needs and then meeting them with enthusiasm.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a journey to discover the ins and outs of WishTender and its connection to the unique world of findom. From understanding what WishTender is to exploring alternative ways of making money in findom, this guide covers it all. So, let’s dive in!

1. What is WishTender?

WishTender is a female-led online platform that allows users to create wishlists and receive gifts from their followers or fans. Dreamed up by trailblazing founder and CEO Dashiell Bark-Huss a little over three years ago, the website offers a concept that is similar to a wedding registry, but with a focus on versatile virtual gifting for content creators, while also creating a safe and engaging space for the findom community. Offering a fantastically simple formula, the website enables individuals, often referred to as “findoms,” to establish a list of items they would like to receive. Meanwhile, their followers, often known as “paypigs,” can purchase these items for them with total confidence.

2. What is Findom?

how much can i earn

Findom, short for financial domination, is a subculture within the broader BDSM community that revolves around the transfer of money from submissive participants (known as paypigs or cash slaves) to dominant individuals (typically referred to as findoms or financial dominants).

The power dynamic in this relationship is centered on the submissive willingly relinquishing control over their finances to the dominant individual. Findom relationships can range from purely online interactions to real-life encounters, depending on the preferences and boundaries set by the individuals involved. Click here to learn more about the ins and outs of findom as well as how to become a findom, or save the link for later!

3. How Findoms Use WishTender

Findoms use WishTender as a means to create and share wishlists with their followers or paypigs. Vitally, the platform welcomes findoms, allowing them to curate a list of things they desire, ranging from everyday essentials to luxury items. From there, followers can browse the wishlist and make generous purchases for their favorite findoms as a way to demonstrate their devotion, submission, or appreciation.

4. WishTender Wishlist: The Basics

A WishTender wishlist is a personalized list of items or experiences that a user aspires to have. Findoms typically compose these lists to include a variety of products, such as clothing, accessories, or electronics, and even experiences like vacations or spa treatments. By sharing their wishlist with their followers, findoms provide an opportunity for their paypigs to contribute to their lifestyle and demonstrate their loyalty.

5. How Does WishTender.com Work?

WishTender.com functions as a platform where findoms can create wishlists by browsing through various items and adding them to their list, or setting up custom listings to the specifications that suit them best. Users can also customize their presence on the website by choosing their screen name and uploading an expressive profile picture and header image.

With everything set up, WishTender generates a unique link to the user’s wishlist page, which findoms can share with their followers via social media or other online platforms. Paypigs can access each wishlist through this link, view the items, and make as many purchases as they want, large or small!

Some of the key features, and benefits of Wishtender are:

Versatile Wishlist CreationWith WishTender, you have the flexibility to create a wishlist from any online store, or even design a custom cash fund for purposes like college expenses, rent, or travel.
Privacy ProtectionWishTender goes above and beyond to prioritize privacy for all of its findoms and paypigs. List creators can keep their legal name and mailing address fully confidential, facilitating a safe gift-receiving process. Simultaneously, their fans can make purchases completely anonymously, without even signing into the platform if they don’t want to.
Order ManagementAs a findom, WishTender empowers you with total control over your followers’ contributions. Unlike services such as Amazon Wishlist, WishTender pays out each gifted value so that you can make purchases yourself, on your own terms.
Inclusive PlatformJust like Premium.Chat, WishTender is a findom-friendly platform built to support you irrespective of the type of content you create. Now, as anyone who reads our blog regularly will already know, we’re big on championing inclusivity, so this is something that we always love to hear!

6. Is WishTender Anonymous?

WishTender offers a robust degree of anonymity to its users by allowing them to create wishlists without revealing their real names or personal information. Of course, users who link to their WishTender page from other platforms or use the same image or username should be mindful of how this might impact their anonymity overall. For users who prefer discretion, it’s easy to choose a pseudonym or online persona for your profile, ensuring your privacy is protected. Additionally, when paypigs purchase items for findoms, their personal information is not disclosed to the wishlist owner, maintaining the two-way anonymity of the transaction.

7. Payment Methods Offered by WishTender

WishTender offers a variety of secure payment options for users, including major credit and debit cards. This on-the-pulse versatility ensures that paypigs can choose a payment method that suits their preferences and supports a secure transaction.

8. How Findoms Get Paid with WishTender Using Stripe

WishTender primarily focuses on facilitating the exchange of gifts through wishlists. This feature is made possible through the integration of Stripe, a fast and secure online payment processing platform that is widely used around the globe.

To receive payments through Stripe, findoms must first connect their WishTender account to their Stripe account. Once connected, whenever paypigs buy gifts, the transaction value can be withdrawn by the recipient directly to their Stripe account. In turn, these funds can be withdrawn to findom’s bank account.

9. WishTender Safety and Legitimacy

With a strong and transparent online presence and more than three years of operational history in the public sphere, WishTender is a legitimate platform designed to facilitate the exchange of gifts and monetary tributes within the findom community and beyond.

The website employs security measures to protect users’ personal information and financial transactions. However, as with any online platform, it is essential to exercise caution and use common sense when interacting with others.

10. WishTender Reviews

Currently, WishTender has an impressive 4.8 star rating with TrustPilot, which is truly exceptional and a great indicator of its value to the findom community. From what our digging has revealed, it is a highly regarded and trusted platform with a strong sense of community. However, to help you assess whether it’s going to be a great fit for you, let’s examine those reviews a little more closely.

User Interface“I can happily say it is one of the most reliable sites out there. It’s super safe and user friendly, and also available internationally which is great to connect with buyers from all around the world. Plus the fees are notably lower than other platforms which is another huge bonus!”EvelynTrustPilot😊🌍💻
“My gifters love the ease of access, limited private info taken & safety of using stripe processer!!”MadisonTrustPilot🎁🔐
“Easy to navigate, simple features, good design, and straightforward language.”Lilac & Godexx BeeTrustPilot🛠️🎨
Wishlist Creation“I love that WishTender keeps my wish list organized and easily accessible for clients. It’s easy to navigate and the toolbar addon is a nice touch.”MayariTrustPilot❤️📚
“If a website doesn’t allow their item on a wishlist, you can easily add custom items and also just custom tip amounts if you want.”AmberTrustPilot🎁💡
“A Google extension was even created to make adding to your wishlist seamless and easy without navigating to the site itself!”Miss AlexxxiaTrustPilot🌟📑
Anonymity“Gifts and tips can be sent with no address being shown like on some other wishlist sites.”ElTrustPilot🎭💌
“You don’t have to sign up to send a gift. They make it easy as a gifter to know what I’m sending for and how much it will cost me. I love that they don’t require an account to send, they don’t spam or sell your info, and they are safe for recipients.”Sasha & PeterTrustPilot🔒🎁
Safety and Security“I’ve only been on WishTender for a month or two and I have nothing but positive things to say about them! I’ve been able to receive gifts anonymously and promptly, and feel safe and secure while doing so.”TrinityTrustPilot🛡️⏰
“This platform has protected Me from fraudulent chargebacks. It has also provided identify safety and privacy options for all parties.”Miss IvyTrustPilot🚫💳
Customer Support“They have excellent, friendly, responsive customer service, and the site is super intuitive to use.”Mz Dela FlorezTrustPilot👍💼
“A great response time and the best and most consistent customer service I’ve ever dealt with.”Aliyah & AmberTrustPilot⏳👌
“Support team are always happy to help if you have any questions or issues, their customer service really is amazing.”AngelTrustPilot👏💡
Overall Satisfaction“I’m so obsessed with Wishtender and highly recommend it for any creators looking for a safe, fun and unique way to receive gifts and interact with fans.”AliyahTrustPilot😍🎁
“Made by staff who actually care and recognize the importance of what the audience wants. They continually seek to grow their reach and are very open to concerns, questions, and additions to the service.”Princess AlyTrustPilot🚀

11. Does WishTender Have an App?

As of now, WishTender does not have a dedicated mobile app. However, the website is super mobile-friendly and can be accessed through a web browser on smartphones and tablets. While countless fans of the platform would no doubt welcome an app in the future, it’s easy to imagine that plenty of paypigs appreciate the discreet convenience of a user-friendly in-browser experience.

12. Additional Frequently Asked Questions on WishTender

The WishTender Chrome extension enables users to add items to your wishlist directly from any online store, eliminating the need to switch back to the WishTender site. This extension installs a button on aChrome browser, which allows for seamless addition of items to your wishlist from any online store you’re visiting. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating back to WishTender just to add gifts.

In the U.S., money given to wish list creators is usually seen as “personal gifts” and not taxed as income. Also, donors can’t deduct these gifts on their taxes.

But, wish list creators might need to include these gifts in their tax returns. Sometimes, such money could be taxable, especially if it’s seen as income. It’s recommended to keep records of these gifts and talk to a tax advisor.

According to WishTender’s rules, you’ve agreed not to provide any goods or services in exchange for these gifts. So, WishTender won’t give you any tax documents for these gifts or report them as your income. But, you might still need to report them on your tax return.

To create a Wishlist on WishTender, follow these steps:

1. Visit the WishTender website or launch the app.
2. Sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one.
3. Once you’re signed in, click on the “Create Wishlist” button.
4. Next, input the URL of your Wishlist username as its name.
5. Lastly, type in the Display Name for your Wishlist.
6. Start adding gifts to your Wishlists
7. Connect your Stripe account to make your Wishlist visible.

Yes. Adult content creators can utilize WishTender to process gifts, provided they adhere to the terms of service outlined by Stripe.

– Including any goods or services for sale on your wishlist is not permitted.

– Descriptions or names of gift items that suggest a product or service will be provided in return for the gift are not allowed.

– Wishlist item names that don’t align with the concept of gifting or tipping are not allowed.

Nudity and Suggestive Imagery:
The use of nudity or suggestive images as gifts or in profile pictures is not allowed.

Implied nudity, defined as an image of an unclothed individual without visible nipples or genitalia, is also prohibited. This includes images where nudity is obscured by digital alterations such as pixels or emojis.

However, the use of images in which the subject is wearing lingerie, robes, or towels is acceptable. Images featuring visible bodily fluids are not allowed.

Explicit Material:
Items portraying explicit or obscene nudity are also prohibited.


The withdrawal process happens automatically, without any need for manual intervention. Once funds are ready, they are sent directly via Stripe.

Upon receiving the first gift on WishTender, there may be a 7-14 day waiting period for the payout due to the payment processor’s security protocol. However, many users have reported that their initial payout has arrived as quickly as within 2 days.

For all gifts received after the first one, the funds are dispatched on the next payout day, which falls every two business days. Bear in mind that these funds could take an additional 2-5 business days to become fully available in the account.

Throne 2.0 is a wishlist builder for content creators. It allows creators to create a wishlist of items that they want their fans to buy for them. Fans can then purchase items from the wishlist, and the creator will receive a commission. Throne 2.0 is a great way for content creators to monetize their following and get support from their fans.

13. Exploring Additional Ways to Make Money in Findom

One of the most exhilarating things about jumping into the findom community today is the diversity of tools and resources readily at your fingertips. Aside from WishTender and Premium.Chat, there are plenty of other ways that findoms can make money, not to mention digital spaces where paypigs can find and connect with vivacious and commanding community content creators.

If you are an aspiring findom, alongside compiling your dream WishTender wishlist and providing fans with the chance to text, voice, or video chat with you today, you can also explore ideas like creating premium social media accounts where your dedicated paypigs can sign up to pay a subscription fee. You could also try creating and selling custom content, such as photos, videos, or personalized messages.

14. Using Complementing Tools to Build Your Findom Empire

Without a doubt, WishTender offers a unique approach to financial domination and a fantastic opportunity for findoms to monetize the electric relationships they share with doting cash slaves. However, it’s important to note that the platform is only a place for gifting with no strings attached, and while it is findom-friendly, adult content on the website itself is prohibited.

The WishTender terms and conditions outline that wishlist creators can’t exchange any kind of goods or services in return for the gifts they receive. This means that if you want to be able to offer your loyal paypigs any kind of content or personal interaction, you need to do so elsewhere. That’s exactly why many findoms use both WishTender and Premium.Chat on their social profiles and posts.

As you can see, WishTender is a valuable part of a larger picture for money-savvy findoms, while platforms like ours provide a beautifully complementing opportunity to connect with fans and followers more directly, not to mention a parallel way to get paid. As far as we’re concerned, the bottom line is that the best way to get ahead within the world of findom is to harness the platforms and tools that speak to your dominant and creative side the most!

15. Conclusion

Allowing users to create and share wishlists with their fans, WishTender is an intriguing platform that we’re thrilled to be sharing space with within the findom community and beyond it. What’s more, it’s clear that the platform is only going to get better from here, with appealing new features such as an animated livestream plugin, surprise gifts, and gifting subscriptions either already available or in beta testing.

So, if you aren’t already signed up with both platforms, there isn’t a minute to lose. Head on over to the WishTender website to get started with their simple signup process, and learn more about how to start using Premium.Chat to make money from chatting with your paypigs. We can’t wait to welcome and empower you within this multi-faceted virtual community!

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