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Like many other social media platforms, YouTube provides its most successful vloggers with the chance to monetize their videos. This can seem like an exciting opportunity whenever we hear about the latest wave of YouTube millionaires in the headlines. However, for many niche creatives, hitting the kinds of numbers that make these programs profitable can feel like a major feat of acrobatics. This leaves a lot of talented content creators wondering how to monetize YouTube faster and more effectively!

With the bar just to get started with YouTube’s most basic internal monetization programs set at 1,000 followers and 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months, kick-starting a YouTube income can take time. From there, payouts can be modest, raising the question: what other opportunities to monetize YouTube are out there? Well, today we’re going to talk about how to monetize YouTube videos with outside-the-box strategies that will help you build a steady revenue stream sooner. Are you ready to get started? Then let’s begin!

Why You Need Alternatives on How to Monetize YouTube

Before we adventure off the beaten path, let’s touch on the conventional route to earning with YouTube itself. Monetizing the video platform directly means signing up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). As we mentioned, there are minimum requirements to meet before you can participate, including having 1,000 followers as an entry point and as many as 10,000 followers to be able to do things like sell merch on your channel. When you apply, it can take up to 30 days to get approval, and you need to follow the platform’s policies including having a verified Google Account to facilitate AdSense advertising.

There are other monetization features on YouTube, too, like SuperFeatures for livestreams and BrandConnect which facilitates sponsorship deals. But these various schemes aren’t available in every country, require yet more hoop-jumping, and are all subject to assessment. So, what do you do if you don’t qualify yet, live somewhere that discounts you from inclusion, or simply aren’t making enough money to justify your efforts?

The great news is that there are ways to earn an income from your lovingly curated content without relying directly on YouTube’s financial blessings. You just have to get a little savvy about how to monetize YouTube in a smart way! Crucially, if you’re putting out something that people really appreciate, then there’s a good chance they’ll be willing to pay for the privilege of connecting with and supporting you. Simply put, you just need to provide them with the right opportunity.

The How to Monetize YouTube Channel Basics

Before we look at your followers, it’s also worth noting that brand sponsorship is something that is probably on your radar. Unfortunately, for YouTubers just getting started with monetization, sponsored videos can be pretty tricky to tie down. Brands tend to favor channels that have already secured all the subscribers and views they’d need to earn revenue directly from YouTube. With that in mind, let’s look directly to your audience and options for how to monetize YouTube videos today—because when you’re pouring your heart and soul into making amazing things, who wants to wait to get paid?

Signing up to affiliate programs is a strategy that all kinds of social media influencers use to make a little extra cash, promoting products in their content and then getting a cut if their viewers click their affiliate link and make a purchase. Another idea for regular content creators is setting up a parallel Patreon account so that fans can support you voluntarily. Once again, these income streams can take a while to build momentum. But, there’s another possibility that will provide an instant incentive to your followers to pay you for your time right now—a transaction that ensures a direct reward for their investment!

Mastering How to Monetize YouTube With Premium.Chat

Think about this for a moment. When people watch your videos, it’s because they want to hear what you have to say, gain insight into your ideas, and connect with someone who inspires them. Because your followers relate to what you create, your inbox is likely full of DMs and your comments packed with questions—but you know that replying to everyone would mean you’d never have time to make a dime. So, why not start with monetizing that connection right there?

The simplest way to do this is with Premium.Chat; a paid chat platform that you can link to from each of your YouTube videos, allowing your fans and followers to pay either by the minute or at a flat rate to chat with you via text, voice, or video. This fantastic tool is ideal for generating a steady income from the people that value the content you put out into the world. They watch your videos and listen to your wisdom, and now they can gain more direct access, interacting with you one-to-one by paying to chat.

What Kinds of YouTubers Use Premium.Chat?

Because Premium.Chat is so versatile, it is home to a vast range of digital entrepreneurs. Heath, fitness, lifestyle, and wellness gurus use it to provide one-to-one Q&A sessions for their followers. Financial and crypto experts use it to offer exclusive advisory consultations. Romance vloggers use it to give dating advice, and psychics provide virtual readings to clients all over the world. Artists provide demos to students, adult models offer private video chat, and tutors help their clients discover new languages and master new techniques. As you can see, the range is vast, but all of these self-made professionals have one thing in common—they use Premium.Chat to monetize the very talents that make them so unique!

Better yet, Premium.Chat is particularly attractive to YouTubers because there are no signup costs and zero financial overheads. Unlike paying to promote your video content in the hope of getting more viewers, getting started with Premium.Chat won’t cost you a cent. There are no membership rates or fees; the platform only keeps a small percentage of your secured chat income, so you’ll always be 100% in profit.

The Premium.Chat Perspective on How to Monetize YouTube Videos

Setting up your Premium.Chat account takes only minutes. You can choose what kind of chat options you want to offer—from text, voice, and video—and set your own rates either by the hour or per chat session. Next, you can establish your availability by creating a schedule or simply deciding to turn it on and off as you feel like. Once that’s done, you can post your Premium.Chat link in the descriptions of all your YouTube videos, and your followers will be able to click and pay to chat. Don’t forget, too, that you can also add that chat link to old video descriptions, making sure that every view counts!

How to Monetize YouTube Made Simple

Just like YouTube, Premium.Chat provides analytical tools so you can track your progress and pays out sellers via Paypal or Direct Debit every month. If you’ve got your own website, you can also create a free custom chat widget and embed it on your site, so your fans can chat with you right there on the page. The whole service is web-based, which means that neither you nor your clients will need to download or install anything, and you can chat on literally any device, at home or on the go.

Premium.Chat offers content creators wondering how to monetize YouTube videos a simple, safe, and secure way to earn directly from their followers—whether they qualify for YPP or not. With Premium.Chat, you’re in control, you set your schedule and your value, you choose who you chat with, and you define the way your online enterprise grows and evolves. We’re so convinced that you’ll be impressed and find success with our service that we also offer an extra-profitable two-tier referral system! Are you ready to find out more? Check out the details of what we do or sign up for free, and experiment today. Your viewers are waiting!

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