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Have you noticed that remote work is becoming the new normal? And all sorts of professionals and entrepreneurs are making the jump to building an online empire, all from the comfort of home! Whether you are a business consultant, a life coach, a tutor, an influencer, or countless other types of professionals, you may be looking for convenient ways to charge for your time. This quest may well have led you to Verified Call (, a platform which allows pros like you to offer a premium telephone service to clients, from any market niche.

The question is: will Verified Call be the right resource to help you reach your personal business goals? Or, are there alarm bells to be wary of, before signing up with this platform? To help you uncover the answers you seek, we spent time trying to uncover Verified Call reviews, and digging for this company’s track record. Read on to discover what we learned about the platform, and decide for yourself!

How Can You Use Verified Call To Make Money?

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The premise of Verified Call is a simple one. After registering at, and successfully navigating their screening process, professionals can provide a charged call service. Customers can either visit your Verified Call profile page, or you can embed a module in your website. After entering in their payment information, Verified Call connects their virtual client-call with your phone, so you can speak to them while dollars accrue. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t find any information about how much Verified Call charge for their service – either on the website, or elsewhere online, although their FAQ states that they charge a percentage fee, and that professionals can choose their call rates.

Verified Call is designed to connect service providers with clients in a secure and convenient manner. The service offers a range of features that make it an attractive choice for professionals looking to monetize their expertise through phone calls.

Here are some of the key features of Verified Call:

  1. Secure Communication: Verified Call ensures that all calls are protected, providing a safe environment for both service providers and clients to communicate.
  2. Caller Verification: The platform requires callers to verify their identity and payment information before connecting with service providers, ensuring a secure transaction and reducing the risk of fraud.
  3. Customizable Rates: Service providers can set their own call rates, allowing them to tailor their pricing according to their experience and the services they offer.
  4. Flexible Scheduling: Verified Call allows service providers to set their availability and manage their schedules, ensuring they can effectively balance their professional and personal commitments.
  5. Call Recording: The platform offers call recording capabilities, enabling service providers to keep a record of their conversations with clients for future reference, legal protection, or quality assurance purposes.
  6. Comprehensive Dashboard: Verified Call provides a user-friendly dashboard for service providers to manage their calls, view their earnings, and track their performance.
  7. Multiple Payout Options: Service providers can receive their earnings through various payout methods, such as direct deposit, PayPal, or check, providing flexibility and convenience.
  8. Marketing Support: Verified Call offers marketing tools and support to help service providers promote their services and attract new clients.
  9. International Calling: The platform supports international calls, allowing service providers to expand their client base and reach a global audience.
  10. Customer Support: Verified Call provides dedicated customer support to assist service providers with any questions or concerns they may have, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience using the platform.

Verified Call is not a platform with its own flow of traffic, on which you’d have to compete with other sellers. Instead, it is designed for you to generate your own interest – either through social media, or other marketing strategies. In this sense, the interest you generate is your own, and not vulnerable to being stolen by your platform cohabiters! Once you nail getting the customers flowing in, it’s important to note that Verified Call only payout by paper check, or Direct Deposit if you are in the United States. For those who prefer Paypal, or live elsewhere in the world, you might be left wondering when the mail man is going to come, rather than getting your earnings in a predictable fashion!

Verified Call Reviews: Is Legit?

Despite almost nine years of operation, at time of writing, information out there in the ether about Verified Call is surprisingly sparse. There is a complete absence of user reviews on employee review sites like Glassdoor, and a rather stunning silence when it comes to customer reviews too. In fact, the only place that we could find reviews from those using the platform as an income source was adult site WeCamGirls. Here, only three reviewers have thrown in their two cents, so sleuthing material for Verified Call is mysteriously thin. We did find that trust site Scam Adviser has assessed the website, giving it a 88% trust score, thanks to the technical credentials of the website – although also displaying that they had not identified any Verified Call reviews to include in their report either.

Disadvantages Of Verified Call

verified call disavantages

Alongside the limited payout options for users of the platform, those considering Verified Call may wonder if audio calls are the best method for their unique communication needs. Recent research reveals that the Millennial generation and younger prefer text based communication to speaking over the phone. Meanwhile, according to Forbes, 80% of professionals now favour using video for 1:1 meetings. Particularly relevant for the consultants, coaches, and tutors out there: sit up and take note that Global Market Insights predict that the video conferencing market share is expected to skyrocket to $50 billion by 2026! Video and text are, it would seem, here to stay, while conventional phone conversations may be better relegated to the realm of old-school.

A More Versatile Option In Premium.Chat

premium chat

If you love the idea of charging for your time remotely, but want to side-step the limitations of Verified Call, Premium.Chat offers a perfect solution. Providing a similar principle model – a profile page that you can use as your very own landing page for clients, and the capacity to build widgets ready to embed in your website – Premium.Chat facilitates both video and text chat connectivity. You can enjoy the added convenience of a Paypal payout option, alongside the traditional Direct Deposit,or a predictable monthly revenue stream that you can spend right away.

Premium.Chat is entirely web based, so there is no need for you or your clients to download or install anything. It can be used on any device, so you can chat with your customers or fans on your computer at home, or on your smartphone while you’re out on the go. All payments are handled securely on your behalf, so you can experience peace of mind that your earnings are banked before each chat session begins. You can track your progress and earnings using easy to understand analytics and reporting. Keeping tabs on your income accounts couldn’t be simpler! You can also pre-schedule when you will appear online, or simply turn it on and off whenever you want to. and Verified Call are both platforms designed for professionals to monetize their expertise through communication with clients. However, offers some advantages over Verified Call that may make it a more appealing choice for certain users:

  1. Multi-Format Communication: supports text, voice, and video chat, providing greater flexibility in communication options for both service providers and clients. This allows them to cater to different preferences and offer a wider range of services.
  2. Pay-Per-Minute or Flat-Rate Pricing: allows service providers to choose between charging per minute or a flat rate for chat sessions, offering more control over their pricing strategy.
  3. No App Required: is a web-based platform, meaning that users do not need to download any apps or software to use the service. This makes it more accessible and convenient for both service providers and clients.
  4. Automated Billing: automatically handles billing and payments, ensuring a seamless experience for both parties and reducing the administrative burden on service providers.
  5. Customizable Chat Widgets: Service providers can create and customize chat widgets to embed on their websites, making it easy for clients to initiate conversations and improving the user experience.
  6. Real-Time Notifications: sends real-time notifications to service providers when a client initiates a chat session, ensuring they can promptly respond to inquiries and maintain client satisfaction.
  7. Comprehensive Reporting: offers detailed reporting on chat session metrics, earnings, and more, allowing service providers to track their performance and make data-driven decisions to grow their business.
  8. Easy Integration: can be easily integrated with various social media platforms and websites, enabling service providers to maximize their reach and attract new clients.

While both platforms offer valuable features for professionals looking to monetize their expertise, the advantages of, such as multi-format communication, customizable pricing, and ease of use, may make it a more attractive option for many users. Ultimately, the choice between and Verified Call will depend on individual preferences, requirements, and the specific services offered by the professional. By carefully considering the advantages and features of each platform, service providers can make an informed decision about which platform best suits their needs and will help them achieve their business goals.

Premium.Chat is totally free to join, and setting up your profile – even customized widgets for your website – takes mere minutes. There are no monthly fees and, once again, Premium.Chat will only deduct a small percentage of the money you make in return for facilitating your all-new online empire. In the vein of total transparency, you can discover everything you could want to know about Premium.Chat in our FAQs, including all fees and policies, without even needing to sign up. Our business only succeeds when we help you reach your business goals. Plus, if you’re as happy with the platform as we’re certain you will be, you can boost your income with our two tier referral scheme too! Are you ready to get started? Sign up with Premium.Chat today, and join countless professionals around the world who are moving into the future of entrepreneurship.

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