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The challenges brought by 2020 have unquestionably transformed the landscape for moneymakers everywhere. Not least of all, the need for individuals and businesses alike to quickly switch to a new remote working reality! This shift gave a huge boost to a tech transition that was already underway. By 2019, research had indicated that live video chat was set to become the new normal, and text-based chat was the modern way to connect. Now, a new decade means a world of new opportunity for professionals just like you. Homepage

Thanks to fantastic software innovations, it has never been easier to serve clients all over the country – or even the world! For those seeking just such technological assistance, Las Vegas based company Bill Per Call ( is an option that may be on your radar. Whether you are a business advisor, a life coach, an online psychic, an adult entertainer, a new boss building an advisory business – or just about anyone else with an interest – read on to discover what we learned about how the BillPerCall platform works. Does it have the mettle to help your contemporary brand reach its potential, or is it a dated relic that’s best left behind as a new reality unfolds?

What Is BillPerCall, And How Does It Work?

Bill Per Call facilitates IVR (interactive voice response – we had to Google that too!) calls for professionals – which, in layman’s terms, means to create premium phone lines with integrated billing. The company markets towards coaches, psychics, those in the tech support industry, those in Adult/PSO, legal advisors, counselors, and financial advisors. They offer three tiers of web-based service: basic, professional, and unlimited. The basic setup is geared towards individuals hoping to establish an online business. The professional and unlimited categories are aimed at businesses who want multiple call lines. The latter two also gain access to perks such as themed landing pages, and other customization options.

How Much Does It Cost, And What Can You Make?

So, how much does it cost to sign up? On the basic price plan, sign up is $20 and the monthly fee is $20 ongoing. Those opting for the professional package can anticipate paying a minimum of $300 just to get in through the door, and a minimum of $40 a month. Bare in mind that both of these sets of digits go up as you add more numbers to your service! The unlimited price plan is for those willing to part with the big bucks right from the off, as the setup fee is $2500, and monthly fee is $200. As many look to establish new businesses under the current economic crisis, several may shudder to part with such a substantial up-front investment! It’s also good to know that BillPerCall only pays out by bank deposit or paper check, so if those modes don’t work for you, payment is likely to be a headache.

What About Bill Per Call Reviews?

We scoured the internet high and low looking for Bill Per Call reviews. So, what did we find? The answer to that is zip – nada – which seems head-scratchingly strange in an era that sees us all rely on reviews to make decisions every day, from what movie to watch next, to which services to invest in. Considering that the company has been running for over a decade, this virtual silence is mystifying, with nothing to be found on trusty go-tos such as Glassdoor or ScamAdviser.

We did note that, at time of writing, StatVoo gives Bill Per Call a low trust score, perhaps based on the tumble-weed-inducing reviews situation. We also spotted that although the site boasts mobile readiness, website assessment site identifies poor mobile optimization, and slow load speeds. Given that more than half of all online browsing is now done on smartphones, start-up entrepreneurs should hope for more.

Over The Phone: An Outmoded Medium

Most companies are cottoning on to the changing communication landscape, offering text based chat where phone options used to dominate. In fact, recent research indicates that 75% of Millennials prefer texting over talking, and their younger cohorts feel the same way. Depending on what needs to be communicated, video calling is also skyrocketing as the go-to way for professionals to connect. Video became one of the world’s most important communication tools in 2020. According to a study by Attentiv, American professionals now make 11 million video calls each day, which is hardly surprising when we recognize that the visual presence provided by video makes it so much easier to communicate fully. Unfortunately for brands like Bill Per Call, statistics don’t lie. It would seem that the era of premium phone enterprises is on the out.

Lead The Way With and Premium.Chat

If you want to offer Pay Per Call phone services you a better choice is the leader in the field They have been around since 1997 and are the preferred premium call provider for small, middle and large businesses.

premium chat

You know you’ve got a talent that can be monetized and you dream of turning it into an online business – you just need to find the right resource to connect with your audience! If the idea of text based chat, live video calls, or even both floats your boat, then Premium.Chat offers the ideal solution. This web based platform allows its users to conveniently serve clients all over the world, in both text and video. There’s no need to download or install anything, and customers wont need to sign up as members anywhere.

What’s more, set up is entirely free, and there are no monthly fees, so it’s perfect for those starting a new enterprise on a tight budget. In fact, Premium.Chat is totally transparent about what it charges – which is a small percentage fee from your successful sales, and nothing else, so you always know where you stand, and you’re always in profit!

After creating your free Premium.Chat account, you can build a profile page – that you can use as a free landing page for your customers – and set up your offering. It’s that simple! You can choose what kind of advice or service you are going to offer, and how much you want to charge, and you’ll be ready to invite your first clients. Premium.Chat is gaining steady popularity across a wide range of professions, attracting tutors, life coaches, business consultants, adult chat operators, wellness experts, psychics, and so many more! We believe this is because the platform is designed to facilitate each creative entrepreneurs vision – when you succeed, we succeed, and not before!

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