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Becoming a successful Instagram influencer means realizing two specific goals. The first is attracting a substantial audience of engaged followers, and the second is mastering how to monetize followers effectively! It’s key to recognize that each of your followers is an individual who feels that the content you share speaks to them directly. Your online presence aligns with what your fans aspire to – which makes what you do personally relevant and valuable to each of them. The other fundamental is recognizing the value and finite nature of your time, and using it wisely as you build your Instagram influencer empire!

Premium.Chat is a fast-growing chat billing platform that allows it’s users to charge their customers to chat online. This makes it ideal for Instagram influencers like you, to grow your authority and monetize followers effectively. It can help you establish a reputation that is irresistible to the brands you want to work with as well! With Premium.Chat, you can give your fans the chance to connect with you directly, within a controlled and easy-to-use format. Earn money while offering followers the opportunity to ask you questions and tell you their stories. Build loyalty within your fan base through a safe, secure, and totally private chat platform.

Give Your Followers The One-On-One Connection That They Crave

A great Instagram influencer is inspirational, likable and relatable. Your expanding fan base means that you have successfully tapped into these traits, so now it’s time to explore ways that you can monetize followers! Whether fans want to mimic your style, achieve similar goals, or emulate your attitude, your expertise and experience are what they want access to. Giving fans the chance to contact you one-on-one holds huge appeal, and for this, Premium.Chat offers the perfect solution.

How Premium.Chat Works

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Creating an account with Premium.Chat is totally free and couldn’t be easier. There are no monthly costs or sign up fees – you don’t even need to enter in your credit card details. Create and customize a chat widget in just minutes and share it with your Instagram followers to get started! You can set your own fees, either charging your followers by the minute, or per session to chat with you. You don’t need to worry about chasing payments or keeping tracks of your accounts. Let Premium.Chat do all the legwork for you, while you make money simply chatting! Gain access to comprehensive reporting, and receive your earnings each and every month, less a small percentage service fee. Have confidence that each time you begin a chat session payment is already secure – leaving you able to focus on building the rapport you share with your followers.

Monetize Followers While Building Their Engagement

Connecting with your fans is hugely important as you build your Instagram influencer name. However, endless direct message inquiries can eat into your schedule, compromising your ability to put out great content and build strong industry partnerships. You may have wondered how to filter out authentic fans from time wasters! With Premium.Chat, you can reply with a link to your chat widget whenever followers contact you. In this way, you can be sure that the followers you spend time connecting with are the ones who truly want to invest in what you do. Nurture the asset of an engaged following, who will propel your personal brand forwards, as well as the brands you choose to collaborate with.

Leverage That Engagement Into Authority In Your Area Of Expertise

Whether you want to become a brand ambassador, seek sponsorship, or get the most out of affiliate marketing, you need to demonstrate your Instagram influencer power. Businesses will not only want to see the size of your following, but also how engaged your followers are. Adding Premium.Chat to your Instagram account will help you demonstrate that your fans are active consumers. It will paint a picture of your influencer style as a powerful marketing tool, which businesses are sure to love! You can incorporate your Premium.Chat stats into your Media Kit whenever you reach out to potential collaborators or negotiate with those who approach you!

Why Premium.Chat Is The Right Choice For You

Premium.Chat and it’s sister company,, draw on more than 22 years of experience in helping people connect. As industry innovators and pioneers, they have honed delivering reliable and easy-to-use solutions within the booming messaging industry. Recent studies indicate that Millennials and Gen Z prefer text based chat over any other form of communication. In parallel, the world of Instagram Influencers is on course to blossom into a $15 billion industry by 2022! This powerful combination makes Premium.Chat a natural partner for Instagram influencers as they transform their following into a thriving source of revenue. Don’t miss your chance to claim a piece of the action!

Protect The Value Of Your Time And Your Privacy

Premium.Chat allows you to set your own schedule, or turn your chat availability on and off when you feel like it. Scheduling allows convenient automation of your online status. Whenever a follower wants to chat, you will receive a notification, and have total control over whether you want to connect or not. The Premium.Chat platform is web based, so there’s no need to download or install anything – for you or your customers. You can chat from anywhere, on any device – whether it’s at home on the sofa, or out on the go! Premium.Chat is a secure system, assuring your privacy, and safeguarding your data. It will also offer your customers the chance to save their payment details, for quick and easy connection next time! This all adds up to a fantastic method to monetize followers that Instagram influencers can add to their growing portfolio.

Fulfill The Potential Of Your Unique And Captivating Brand

The world of Instagram influencers was built by driven and creative people just like you. Generating a reliable income – and ultimately achieving financial success – is entirely possible with the help of excellent resources. Premium.Chat will help you turn your social media presence into a business. You can discover more about your fans, and become even more attuned to future opportunities to monetize followers. Harness the power of Premium.Chat and connect with those who value you most. Create a continuous revenue stream as you go, and celebrate your success!

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