Minutizer Reviews: Is Minutizer’s Pay Per Minute Platform The Best Way To Monetize Your Time?

These days, the world is waking up to the idea that the new realm of financial success is online! Are one of many professionals who aspire to building a virtual brand? If so, you’ve probably recognized that connecting with clients via live text or video chat is a great way to go about it. Professionals ranging from business consultants to psychics, from tutors to life coaches – and many, many more – are tapping into a global customer base and monetizing their time with one-on-one chat. If you know that you’ve got the talent to do the same, you’re probably wondering how to go about it! Minutizer is a platform that you may well encounter in your explorations. It is geared towards facilitating charging for Skype calls. The question remains, however, is Minutizer the right fit for your personal ambitions? To shed some light on the matter, we dug into what Minutizer is all about, and what’s out there in terms of Minutizer reviews.

What Exactly Is Minutizer?

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Minutizer is designed to be used in parallel with the popular video app Skype. To use Minutizer, you as the professional will need to download and run Minutizer software on your computer. On the customer side of the equation, your clients will need to have Skype. They will also have to create an account on the Minutizer website, and buy credit. With all of that down, your customers will be able to call you using Skype, and be billed by the minute from their Minutizer wallet. You, in turn, will receive the revenue from the call. Minutizer describes itself as having been created and expanded harnessing the adult, esoteric, expert consulting, and entertainment industries. The company is based in Romania, and was started in 2013.

Is Skype The Best Tool For Online Chat?

While there’s no denying that Skype is an iconic brand in the realms of virtual connection, today many have moved away from the video chat giant. Between the likes of Zoom, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facetime, everyone has their favorite way to connect online – and they aren’t all the same! For those aspiring to launching a paid chat revenue stream, what this fundamentally means is that software or app based chat may be a turn off for some potential clients. Not everyone wants to free up space on their smartphone for Skype. In today’s marketplace, a web-based chat tool can be a far more user-friendly option, as no download or installation is required. Similarly, on your side of the table, web-based chat can allow you to make money when you’re out on the go, using any device – any time, any place!

What About Minutizer Costs?

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Minutizer’s fees are a little confusing to get to the bottom of. On the Minutizer homepage, lines like “receive 100% from what the customers buy from you”, and “no fees inside the Minutizer system” may lead first-time visitors to imagine that use of the platform is free. The only fees that can be found without first creating an account are those behind the link for API and SaaS, which jump right into the hundreds-per-month, potentially giving browsers a heart attack. At this point, you’re likely to be scratching your head! Only those who’ve handed over their personal details and logged in can access the Minutizer FAQs, at which point you’ll discover that they charge a sliding scale percentage fee at point of revenue withdrawal. We think it’s a little shady to not be forthcoming about fees when trying to entice new users!

What About Minutizer Reviews?

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Considering the age of the platform, there are a surprisingly low number of reviews to be found online. In fact, after trawling on Google, we couldn’t find a single Minutize review, either from the professional side or from the customer side of the equation. The site does have a Facebook page, but it’s not exactly active – with the last post made at time of writing well over a year ago. Such a general lack of activity and interest may be worth considering as a potential red flag. Any aspiring entrepreneur will know that the tools you use are only as good as the support they come with. Platforms with an engaged and enthusiastic user base, strong reviews, and an energetic online presence are far more likely to deliver the goods as your personal brand grows and evolves!

Is There A More User-Friendly Alternative?

The other thing about these days is that we all tend to have the attention span of a gnat. Without wishing to offend, I’m sure you know what I mean! They say that websites have around 3 seconds to make a great impression when a new visitor arrives. Similarly, when a potential client is considering whether to buy your online chat service it’s really time to roll out the red carpet. If you’d like to add text and/or video chat to your entrepreneurial repertoire, Premium.Chat is just the platform to help you make sure there’s no obstacles between you and your revenue stream. Premium.Chat is a web based chat service that doesn’t rely on external software like Skype. Neither you nor your customers will need to download or install anything, and your clients wont have to buy credit in advance – they can just make a speedy and simple payment in the moment!

Use Premium.Chat To Launch Your Online Career


Premium.Chat, and it’s parent company Pay Per Call, have more than two decades of experience helping professionals from all walks of life to monetize their time, and build a thriving business on their own terms. For you, as a talent who is ready to connect with customers today, getting started with Premium.Chat couldn’t be easier. Sign up for free, and create your Premium.Chat profile. Decide on your offering, including whether to provide text or video based chat, or a mix of both! Set your own fees, and choose whether to charge by the minute or per session. Know that you won’t have to pay any monthly fees – Premium.Chat charge a small percentage of your secured revenue at point of sale, so once the money appears in your Premium.Chat wallet, you know it’s all yours!

Once your profile is ready to rock, your brand new landing page will be ready to share with potential clients. Simply post the links on all of your social media pages, and invite your audience to discover your excellent offering. You can also create a customizable widget in mere minutes, should you so wish, which can be embedded on your own website. The Premium.Chat widget is free to use, and it means that customers can initiate a chat session with you right there on your own web page – creating an ultra professional impression! Finally, you can use Premium.Chat’s automated scheduling tools to pre-set your availability. Remember, with an international pool of potential clients, you can choose your own working hours, and create the work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of.

Curious to learn more? Check out the Premium.Chat FAQs to discover all the ins and outs of this exceptional platform (don’t forget to scope the referral scheme, for another boost to your earnings!) If you’re ready to get started, sign up today, and launch the virtual career you desire!

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