Consulto Review: Does This Shiny Faced Chat Platform Have Any Substance?


Normally, when tucking into writing a review about a virtual resource like Consulto, the usual process is to take a deep dive into the countless online review sites, scam check sites, social media feeds – and so on – that tend to give the game away. Ambitious entrepreneurs (just like you) tend to want to understand the tools they’re working with, so this kind of investigation can be invaluable!

After all, if you’re about to throw your personal brand’s eggs into another brand’s basket, you want to be certain that they’re not going to get cracked! Most of the time, there’s a great trail of titbits to discover, but in the case of paid chat platform Consulto, there seems to be a serious case of tumble weed, and not much else going on. That said, there are a few indicators of what the chat platform has to offer. Read on to discover what we found, and if Consulto might be a good fit for your entrepreneurial needs – or whether there’s a better alternative!

What Is Consulto?

Consulto ( is a paid chat platform that is geared towards allowing professionals to bill online clients for time spent chatting. Virtual chat, be it text based or over a video feed, is big business these days. Professionals ranging from life coaches to business consultants, from psychics to influencers, and many more, are taking their talent digital! This shift is allowing anyone with expertise or a natural skill to reach a far larger audience. Similarly, it’s allowing customers to choose from a more diverse pool, and connect with professionals whose time they really value. Consulto is one of the many brands who have stepped in to meet that need. Their platform allows entrepreneurs to create a chat profile, and charge for their time.

Consulto is based out of the Netherlands in Europe and, according to what we could deduce, the site’s been operational since 2017. At first glance, the website looks really shiny, but on closer inspection it feels strangely incomplete for a business that’s been up and running for a while now. For example, at time of writing, the site’s FAQ sections is near empty, with only two topics linked and the rest featuring lonely titles with nothing to read. Never the less, the offering described within the content that is present and correct is the capacity to create a profile for your professional chat service, build widgets, and even enlist Consulto to build your website for you.

What About Payments, Fees And Earnings?

Convenience for clients is a must, and something that any would-be chat pro should be scanning for. In this case, Consulto’s home page describes client’s having to “top up directly”, suggesting that they would have to pre-pay for credit, which may be off-putting for some would-be clients. This is certainly a potential red light for you as the pro in the equation! On the other had, Consulto clearly states that it allows platform users to set their own fees for their chat service, which is a positive mark when set against other platforms that pay chat professionals baseline amounts for their time.

In terms of fees, Consulto is one of the few platforms that charges professionals a monthly fee as well as a percentage of earnings. Use of Consuto’s minimum resource – their widget – is $25 per month, although there is presently a three months for free “early bird” special (again, a little odd considering the age of the business). For most aspiring entrepreneurs, committing to paying a monthly fee before the clients start rolling in can be a bit of a nail biter. Curiously – or frustratingly, depending on how you look at it – Consulto don’t list pricing for their website service, but rather leave the rather cloak and dagger statement: “price on request”. This makes drawing a comparison with the platforms competitors tricky.

Why Can’t I Find Any Consulto Reviews?

It’s a darn good question! Usually, a platform such as this would have reviews in a smattering of forums, and on sites like and In the case of the hunt for a Consulto review, there is simply nothing out there – at time of writing, at least! Of the two reviews listed on the Consulto website, only one reviewer’s professional website is still up, while the other’s no longer exists.

Similarly, Consulto’s Facebook page links to a LinkedIn page that no longer exists. The Facebook page itself hasn’t seen a new post since 2017 (again, at time of writing) and their Twitter feed is empty. What these sad and neglected spaces suggest is that the business isn’t getting the promotional oomph that will create success – for it, or for you. Speaking of you, as a professional who wants to monetize their time, these indicators could be considered red flags. It seems reasonable to speculate that the team behind Consulto may not be there to provide you or your clients the high-caliber support required, or at least there’s not much to suggest towards the contrary.

Is There An Alternative To Consulto?

If you’d rather go for a tried and tested chat platform, with all credentials in place, Premium.Chat is a veteran in its field. Premium.Chat was the natural offspring of Pay Per Call, an industry innovator in the realm of premium call services that has been operational since 1997. From creators that have been serving individuals, small & medium size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies – for more than two decades – partnering with Premium.Chat means knowing that your personal brand is in safe hands!

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So, how does it work? Signing up with Premium.Chat is free, and there are no monthly costs – you simply pay a percentage of your concrete revenue, meaning that you’re always in profit! As soon as you set up your Premium.Chat profile, you will have free and instant access to a brand new landing page that you can direct your potential clients to. In addition, you can create and customize a Premium.Chat widget and embed it on your brand’s website in mere minutes. Of course, Premium.Chat’s widgets are free to use!

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Build Your Online Empire With Premium.Chat

Premium.Chat allows you to charge for text based or video chat, either by the minute, or on a per-call basis. The platform is entirely web based, so there’s no need for you or your clients to download or install anything. Payment is smoothly handled on your behalf at time of call, so your clients wont have to worry about signing up to any websites, or buying credit in advance. On your side of the table, you can be confident that payment is secured, and get on with giving great advice, teaching, entertaining, or whatever your chat service will entail! With Premium.Chat, use automated scheduling tools to select when you’ll appear online, and define your own work-life balance. Charge for your time as you see fit, and use handy analytics and reporting to keep track of your progress. Enjoy reliable monthly payouts, either via Paypal or Direct Deposit. Ultimately, build your brand, your way, and start receiving reward for your talent today. Check out Premium.Chat’s FAQs to learn more, or sign up today and discover your potential!

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