LiveAdvice Reviews: Is This The Best Way To Share Your Knowledge And Get Paid for giving advice?


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A new decade is dawning, and loads of people are making the jump to freelancing online. Who wouldn’t want to earn money from the comfort of their own home, create their own schedule, and build a career on their own terms? A booming sector within the realm of remote work is giving advice, or consulting online. If you are a knowledge specialist, you can be fairly certain that someone out there would love to pay you for your insights! Online platform LiveAdvice ( provides a space in which skilled advisors can do just that, but is the service worth it? To get to the truth of the matter, we’re about to journey a little deeper, and assess whether LiveAdvice is a good fit for your soon-to-blossom career as an online advisor. Or, whether a broader paid chat service like Premium.Chat might be better suited to your skill set.

What Is LiveAdvice And What Does It Offer?

LiveAdvice is a platform on which users can seek paid advice in a huge number of areas. Categories include love advice, life coaching, tutoring, health advice, counseling, legal advice, technical help, and more. Those visiting the website can select a category, and then search through a broad array of advisors, filtering by price and LifeAdvice reviews as they see fit. Sellers can offer phone or text-based chat, charged at a by-the-minute rate. However, out of step with today’s rush into the realm of video chat, LiveAdvice doesn’t offer it’s sellers the chance to connect with clients via camera.

Who runs LiveAdvice?

In terms of who is behind the platform, LifeAdvice is an offspring of parent company Ingenio. Poking about online reveals a scarcity of LiveAdvice reviews, or credibility assessments of LifeAdvice itself, although comprehensive reviews of Ingenio can be found on GlassDoor. Ingenio was established in 1999, and boasts additional platforms,, and under it’s belt. Not much of this reveals what it’s like to be an advisor on the LifeAdvice platform, however, so a little more sleuthing is called for!

How Much Does It Cost To Be An Advisor On LifeAdvice?

Trying to get to the bottom of how much LifeAdvice charges is a bit of a head scratcher. Signing up with the platform is free, but the payment scheme is a little complicated from the get-go. The site’s Help section details that sellers are required to pay a platform fee on a by-the-minute basis, and then an additional percentage fee on top. An example is given, in which the seller pays $.40 per minute platform fee, although how this is calculated isn’t wholly clear. What is laid out plainly is that LiveAdvice take a 43% fee in addition, making this a pricey paid chat platform on which to sell indeed. Once sellers have established their offering and started taking clients, they may also choose to bid for featured placement in the website’s listings, pushing their costs all the higher for a competitive edge.

How Does LiveAdvice Pay Its Advsiors?

Without LiveAdvice reviews to read through, and an unclear outline of costs, payment for advisors remains the last big factor that is likely to turn you towards or away from the platform. For expert advisors based in the United States, LifeAdvice offers monthly Direct Deposit payments directly into sellers’ bank accounts, and even a daily Express Pay™ option for those who meet the required payment thresholds. Surprisingly, the platform doesn’t offer the convenience of PayPal payouts, which means that anyone using the platform from outside of the US is limited to their antiquated postal paper check payment option. If this doesn’t sound appealing, you might want to look elsewhere for paid chat possibilities!

Is A Huge Advice Platform The Best Way To Market Your Service?
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There’s no doubt that big platforms like LiveAdvice do bring a steady trickle of traffic, however it’s worth considering how you might look for your own services, if roles were reversed! For many online consultants and advisors, a formidable presence on social media, teamed with a polished personal website, makes for a strong marketing springboard. On the one hand, a platform like LiveAdvice may help you reach new clients, while on the other, you will be at the mercy of LiveAdvice reviews, and constantly working to stand out in a sea of competition. Alternatively, a paid chat platform like Premium.Chat will allow you to embed a chat widget on your very own website, and your social media while creating a unique personal presence that won’t get drowned out by your competitors.

The Advantages Of A Flexible Platform Like Premium.Chat

Premium.Chat is an adaptable web-based platform favored by professionals ranging from business consultants to psychics, and everyone in between! The formula is simple, and yet the details have been put together meticulously to ensure that your online advisory career takes flight as it’s meant to. Because Premium.Chat is web-based, you and your clients won’t need to download or install anything in order to use it. Not only that, but Premium.Chat can be used on any device, so you can earn money at home on your computer, or on your smartphone when you’re out and about!

Premium.Chat takes pride in providing a transparent service. Sellers don’t need to pay to sign up, or worry about monthly fees. We charge a simple and solitary percentage fee on each successful transaction, so you always know where you stand! Payments are secured before you connect with buyers, comprehensive reporting makes it easy to track your progress, and payouts are made at the same time every month. You can choose whether you’d like to receive payment via Direct Deposit – ideal for US users – or via PayPal, providing great flexibility to suit anyone’s finances!

Create Your Own Schedule, And Establish Your Own Work Life Balance

One of the biggest advantages of modern types of remote work is that you can adapt your work to your life, rather than the other way around. We noticed that LifeAdvice requires that advisors call their Availability Hotline if they need to change their schedule. In contrast Premium.Chat allows you to either automate your schedule – making when you appear online or offline automatic – or simply toggle your status online, whenever you like. Our perspective on sellers like you is that we are here to facilitate your potential – not tell you what to do, or where you aught to be! You can tailor your timetable, pricing, and even widget color scheme to make it a perfect reflection of your way of giving advice. If you like the sound of that, sign up today, and start building your online empire!

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