Skyprivate Reviews: The Erotic Cam Lowdown For Models, Plus Alternatives!
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A whole world of opportunity awaits those who fancy themselves as live adult cam models.   These fun, flirty services offer fantastic potential for income, and the chance to let you’re exhibitionist side run wild! What can be a stumbling block for some, however, is identifying the right platform for your new sexy cam-based career. In order to make this choice a little easier, we’ve been delving into what’s out there in terms of Skyprivate reviews, to discover the pros and cons for prospective models! Read on to discover what Skyprivate models experience, and whether this platform is going to be the right choice for building your online empire.

Getting Started As A Skyprivate Cam Model: What Is Skyprivate?

Skyprivate Cam Models

Skyprivate is a website dedicated to live sex cam shows, that operates as a plugin to Skype. Using a Skype ID, Skyprivate models can sign up to the platform, and use it to charge for cam shows, from the comfort of their own home. So how do you get started? Everyone who signs up to the site needs to register as a member, a model, or a studio. Members will buy Skyprivate credit, which they can use to purchase live cam time with their models of choice. Model and studio accounts represent the platform’s providers. These account holders must navigate the Skyprivate vetting system, before getting started live on the site.

As a model, your first port of call will be creating a membership, using a Skype login. Next, you’ll need to verify your identity, with clear copies of your legal identification, and a series of selfies to prove that it’s really you! Trusting that you successfully get accepted, you’ll need to create and complete one of the many Skyprivate profiles to appear on the site when members are searching. This will include choosing your category and hashtags, setting your per-minute pricing, selecting an avatar image, uploading more pics, and potentially uploading a preview video. It is your profile that will entice members, so attention to detail is key! Models can set their rate at between 1$ and 12$ per-minute. Most of the models are women, but men, couples, and transgender models are also welcome.

What’s The Deal With The Skyprivate Plugin

Skyprivate Plugin
Skyprivate Plugin

In order to start providing Skyprivate cam shows, you’ll need to download and install the Skyprivate plugin. Similarly, members who want to view your shows will have to do the same. While Skyprivate doesn’t alter the way your Skype app appears, either on your computer or smartphone, it does monitor your calls to know what it needs to charge for. In an era of growing privacy concerns, some may find this a little unnerving! To appear online and available to cam on Skyprivate, you need to be logged in to both Skype, and Skyprivate. Paid cam sessions are initiated by members when they copy your Skype ID into the Skyprivate plugin, and start a call. They will only be able to do so if they have sufficient funds in their Skyprivate account.

Skyprivate Models Standing Out From The Crowd

Skyprivate is host to more than 37,500 models at time of writing, so standing out from the crowd is certainly sink or swim on this platform! Members can browse Skyprivate profiles, filtering by category, or searching for hashtag terms. The platform operates a star review system, and reportedly takes details such as review ranking and availability into account when it comes to how far up you will appear in search results. On the one hand, this system allows you to earn more attention, and the high volume of models comes with high site traffic. On the other, because members have so many models to choose from, avoiding getting lost among the competition may be tricky, and a little unpredictable.

We noticed that one Skyprivate rep, posting on WeCamGirls, said that they were experimenting with algorithms that also placed new models higher up, giving newbies a look in, but moving those who had worked hard to earn their top-spots down the list. In this sense, it may be wise to keep in mind that model visibility isn’t always a sure thing. As a major plus for would-be Skyprivate cam models, the platform doesn’t ask models to provide any free taster or getting-to-know-you cam time. On the flip side of this, some reviewers complained that they were experiencing a high volume of one or two minute callers, which represented a poor return for their efforts in setting up for each session. 

skyprivate wecamgirls

Is Skyprivate A Scam, Or Legit?

legit or scam?

We couldn’t find any authenticity reviews on Skyprivate, from sites such as Trustpilot or Glassdoor. In fact, the only Skyprivate reviews we found from models themselves was on the aforementioned WeCamGirls. If there are more out there, we’d love to hear about it! What we did spot painted a picture, on the most part, of reliable payouts, and a functional service. Skyprivate has been operational since 2013, and is based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. On the site itself, there is an impressive amount of information available for would-be models. Many adult cam sites are fairly cloak and dagger about their operations, so this was a refreshing change. However, we did notice that the site’s footer reads “This product/application has not been approved or endorsed by Skype, Skype Communications S.a.r.l. or any of their related companies.

Skyprivate is difficult to use for models, and people wanting to video chat with them

This made us wonder how Skype might feel about a piggyback plugin of this nature. Because Skyprivate accounts are dependent on an active Skype username, and the Skype software itself, we wondered if the Skyprivate plugin contradicts Microsoft’s terms and conditions in any way. A review of the Microsoft Service Agreement, as found via the Skype website, led us to discover that to “use the Services to share any inappropriate content or other material (involving, for example, nudity…, pornography” is prohibited. With this in mind, one has to wonder if using Skyprivate would leave models vulnerable to loosing their Skype account, and all the hard work it represented.

A Skyprivate Alternative With Premium.Chat

skyprivate alternative
Premium.Chat – Skyprivate Alternative

Lots of models use Skyprivate every day, however if the format doesn’t quite sit right with you, why not consider taking a more entrepreneurial route with Premium.Chat? Many adult entertainers use Premium.Chat for live cam fun, or erotic chat – and in doing so they join the likes of business advisors, life coaches, wellness gurus, and more, who are harnessing this user friendly platform to monetize their skills. With Premium.Chat, you don’t need to worry about getting lost among the competition, or chasing star ratings to get ahead. Your Premium.Chat profile will serve as a landing page that is all about you, and nobody else! Signing up to the platform is free, and there are no monthly costs. What’s more, you don’t need to download and install an app, and neither will your clients. Premium.Chat is entirely web based, and can be used on any device, at any time.

pay per minute text and video chat

The key to success with Premium.Chat is marketing, so if you have some social media savvy, you can turn it to good use, and draw clients in the way that feels most comfortable to you! You can use the platform for both text based chat and live camming, and you can set the per minute rate for each that suits you, or even charge a fixed rate per session. Setting up your profile is easy to do, and there is a tell-all FAQ, to help you navigate the platform with ease. If you have your own website, prepare to wow your clients with ultimate professionalism: Premium.Chat allows you to create widgets that can be embedded into your site, so visitors can start a cam session without even leaving the page! Widgets take mere minutes to create, and this brilliant feature is free to use.

Premium.Chat charge a small percentage fee from your successful sales, in return for the service provided, with no extra or hidden costs to worry about. This includes a secure and reliable way to connect with clients, and earn online, doing what you love! We handle all billing on your behalf, so you can be confident that payment is secure before a chat or cam session begins. You can monitor your sales and progress using our analytics and reporting tools. Each month, you will receive a reliable payout, either through Paypal or Direct Deposit. Fundamentally, the features of Premium.Chat are designed to allow you to build an online chat or cam business your way, so all the glory resides with you. You can choose your own working hours, and even use our scheduling tools to automate your availability. Between being a face in a sea of models, or becoming established as a self-made entrepreneur, we know which we’d choose.

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